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The death of Freddie Gray while in police custody in April 2015 sparked violent protests in the city of Baltimore. Many innocent business owners had their establishments’ windows broken out, and merchandise looted, along with a CVS set on fire. For many nights in a row, the police had to stand in riot lines ready to confront raucous crowds of protestors. However, the officers were told to stand down by city officials. Less than a month later, six officers were charged in the death of Gray by the City’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby. Eventually, a judge dismissed all of the charges at a bench trial. The community and city council demonized the Baltimore Police Department during that time. Now, Baltimore is worse off than before.

In general terms, the Ferguson Effect was already making it difficult for officers to do their jobs. They were vilified and called murders, thugs in uniforms, abusers of authority, and many other degrading titles. The Democratic Party, mainstream media, and the Obama White House were consistently attacking the police. Law enforcement officer’s jobs were turned into a political sideshow to score votes. 

There was a sharp decline in the proactive policing tactics of officers such as making self-initiated contact with suspected drug dealers. These types of interactions often lead to the discovery of open warrants, drug possession and illegal firearm carrying by felons. Arrests are made, and over time a marked improvement can be seen in the neighborhood. However, things have changed.

People can stand on corners and sell drugs with no fear of police arresting them. Officers are only responding to calls for service. Why? The threat of losing one’s job - or worse, getting charged criminally in the course of doing their job. Officers have become timid, not from fear of criminals, but of their command staff and the city council. It is just not worth it.

The left marched and cried for fewer officers’ “harassment.” The officers weren’t making contact with people who obey the law, work and take care of their families. Law enforcement was dealing with the people who marched against the Baltimore Police Department. They didn’t want the police around so their illegal criminal enterprises could go unbothered. Three years later the results are evident. 

The efforts of the left have led to Baltimore being the deadliest city in America. That is significant given the fact that Chicagostan has dozens shot and killed on a weekly basis. 

The Democratic Party unwittingly pushed for more crime and death in Baltimore. This is what happens when politicians get involved and push identity politics into the law enforcement realm. They have criticized and launched racist allegations on officers that are often proven false. Officers have decided it isn’t worth it. Who can blame them? In the eyes of the left, officers are wrong either way. However, it is better to be wrong and blamed for high crime than wrong and facing charges by a city attorney who is head hunting. 

The left is at fault for violent death increases. They attacked the Baltimore Police Department. Now, the good citizens that can’t move are victims of the rising crime. 

The officers find it is no longer worth the risk. Leftists have attacked law enforcement, and murder is the result. However, there is one unexpected consequence. Death is not at the hands of the police, but due to politicians making the criminals emboldened by pulling law enforcement back. 

Baltimore, you demanded less proactive policing. Are you happy now?   

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