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The Democratic Party is in trouble. It’s something we haven’t seen from them in a while. In 2016, they bragged that their party was solidly unified, while Republicans were breaking apart because of Trump. To some degree that was true. However, two years later the tables have turned, and the Democrats are splintering. 

A weakness of the Republican Party has been the inability to stick together. There was a division between the Conservative wing and the establishment in 2016. We also saw that the establishment essentially told Conservatives to sit down and shut up. The exposure of the split on the right side of the aisle was needed. Now, Trump has brought the party together, much to the chagrin of the establishment. No, it’s not all daisies and unicorns on the right, but there has been more cohesion than we have seen with traditional politicians. 

Democrats have been tightly bound together for decades. There was nothing that could split them. The left has always stuck together no matter what. However, they have a problem, and it’s beautiful to see.

Democrats are starting to fray. Maxine Waters is going around the country yelling “impeach 45.” She is also calling for violence on Trump supporters, which has led to a 16-year-old boy getting assaulted by a grown man at a restaurant. Waters isn’t shy about screeching “abolish ICE,” despite how Americans feel. Now, there is a new progressive on the scene, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is calling for the end of the ICE. To make things worse for moderate Democrats, Cortez is an avowed Socialist, and becoming the new face of the party. The problem is 74% of people in a new Rasmussen poll prefer a free-market to socialism. Who thought that Pelosi would be the one bringing sanity to the table, albeit feigned of course? 

Pelosi is determined to win the White House back by presenting some type of political strategy. Public support doesn’t back Waters tactics of violent emotion. Impeachment alone can break the party up. While Waters calls for impeachment, there are more job openings than unemployed citizens. Schumer knows that Waters is sinking the ship with her rhetoric. 

Pelosi is losing control of her party in the House of Representatives. Surely, she has seen the internal polls that gauge public opinion. If they supported Waters, Pelosi would be yelling impeach 45 as loud as she could as well, but she isn’t. Moreover, that should tell you something. 

The poll numbers have shown overwhelming support for President Trump’s immigration policies. The polls are so strong even Nancy Pelosi is telling the press that she isn’t looking to impeach the president. Of course, impeachment is the real end goal for Pelosi, but public opinion says no. Now, there is internal fighting over the controversial cries for impeaching Trump. 

While the Democratic Party begins to fall apart, it looks like the Republican Party is strengthening. Despite the last two weeks of immigration mayhem from the left, Trump’s approval sits at 48%. Support is up ten percent with Hispanics for the president, flying in the face of the left. 

Trump has been able to garner support from the conservative portion of the party, and strong arm the establishment. 

The left is starting to break apart. It will be interesting to see if the left's breakdown will hurt Democrats in November.

Hopefully, Pelosi and Schumer will continue to lose control, and Waters will keep handing Republicans a gift. 

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