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One of President Trump’s signature promises from his 2016 campaign was to build that “tall, beautiful wall.” Often, he would receive loud, raucous praise when he talked about it. Trump has been in office for almost a year and a half now. He has received expected pushback from Democrats. But he has also felt resistance from some Republicans. Both parties have been stingy with funding, leaving very few options. However, Sen. Bill Cassidy recently proposed a creative idea.


Sen. Cassidy suggested that money seized from drug cartels should be used to fund the wall. It is a simple idea that could work. 

Asset seizures have been a method law enforcement has used for a while. If an item is determined to be used in criminal enterprise whether that is a stash house, money, vehicles, firearms, home security systems, televisions, or anything else, officers will seize the items. After the case is decided, the pieces are sold at auction, and the agency keeps the money. 

Law enforcement agencies will also use seized drug money for buying new equipment or assets for their departments. They will purchase new vehicles, bullet-resistant vests, firearms, and other unique items that are needed. 

Trump would be a fool if he didn’t push this idea. He needs to quickly get behind this and make it a piece of the midterm election strategy when he campaigns. Immigration is the number one issue right now. Trump-aligned candidates should promptly make the Cassidy idea a crucial part of their campaign. 

The border wall is estimated to cost roughly $21 billion. Cassidy stated the cartel transports approximately $110 billion in drug money a year. Trump was only given $1.6 billion in the omnibus he recently signed. That is well short of the $21 billion he needs. Democrats and Republicans are trying to impede Trump’s agenda, leaving him not much choice.


The suggestion made by Cassidy is no different than what law enforcement does. The border wall is needed for security. Our borders are too porous. Border Patrol agents are being shot from across the border, and it’s happened more than once. Men and women that patrol the border deserve the best protection. 

Trump has been stymied by either liberal progressives, or Republicans who want to make sure cheap labor is in the country for the Chamber of Commerce or the potential for votes. The Cassidy suggestion would bypass those obstructionists, and create immediate funding for the wall. Drug cartels will continue to move drug money back towards the border as long as they can, so that gives an opportunity for continuous funding.

A line Trump often used to irk Mexican ex-president Vicente was “Mexico will pay for the wall.” There are some import tax repercussions that American consumers would have felt from Mexican imports. However, seized drug money won’t hurt U.S. taxpayers. It is mostly free money for the wall. And Mexico will still pay for it so to speak.


America needs a border wall. Cassidy’s idea is doable, efficient and will not drive up the debt. Wouldn’t that be ironic if the ones bringing drugs into the country end up paying for the wall?

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