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The midterm election confirmed rampant ballot manipulation by Democrats to overcome their deficit in the polls. RealClearPolitics, the premier forecaster, predicted a 53-47 Republican majority in the Senate based on its careful analysis of all the polling and historical data.

States that maintain some election integrity, such as New York, Ohio, Texas, and Florida, reported outcomes consistent with polling. In Florida the top vote-getter was the Trump-supporting Republican Attorney General Ashley Moody, at 61%, who sided with Trump in challenging the 2020 election.

But in states lacking election integrity, such as permitting dumps into drop-boxes totaling hundreds of thousands of ballots that are not verified in any meaningful way, the outcomes changed and Democrats claimed pivotal victories in Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada. “Drop-box Dems,” they might be called, stuff the ballot box without monitoring

Rampant use of drop-boxes in Democrat-controlled states began in 2020, while states like Florida have since prohibited unmonitored drop-boxes. Unsupervised ballot boxes are allowed in Arizona, where two Senate Republicans joined with Democrats to defeat a bill there that would have established much-needed monitoring of ballot dumping.

Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland was quoted to imply that the DOJ might even investigate private citizens who monitor unsupervised drop-boxes. Unchecked ballot dumping in Arizona took the election for governor from conservative Kari Lake.

Two days after the election, the largest county in Arizona announced that it had not yet begun to count 290,000 ballots found in boxes on Election Day. Inadequate verification of those ballots added lopsided tallies in favor of Democrats who perpetuate open borders.

Pennsylvania does not verify signatures or do any meaningful screening of more than 2.5 million ballots dumped in by mail and drop-boxes. Until it restores election integrity, Republican presidential candidates might as well campaign elsewhere.

In Nevada the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Adam Laxalt, led by several percentage points in legitimate ballots, as predicted by many polls. But then 56,900 ballots were discovered in Las Vegas drop-boxes which then – surprise, surprise – took the election away from him.

In these key swing states, unverified paper ballots stuffed into unmonitored drop-boxes and by mail are changing the outcomes. In Georgia, a circus of vast early voting oddly reports the race of who has voted so that pressure can be applied by Democrat bullies to distort the outcome.

Early voting will begin for many in the Georgia runoff between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock by Sunday, November 27. This is part of the “souls to the polls” scheme of manipulated and intimidated voting used by Democrat bosses.

The misuse of early voting by the Democrat political machine is illustrated by a lawsuit just filed in Georgia. Democrats demand that a judge change the law and open up early voting on two Saturdays between now and its runoff.

Each election cycle Leftists get better at gaming the system and racking up their numbers in states that allow it. Polling numbers for Republicans have traditionally underestimated their votes on Election Day, but now ballot harvesting and other forms of manipulation boost Dems by many points in states that allow it.

In 2024, no Republican nominee will have a chance in states that allow so much voter shenanigans. Trump can still prevail by winning Arizona, Wisconsin, and Georgia, but election integrity needs to be restored there between now and the next election. 

long-time supporter of Phyllis Schlafly won as Attorney General in Kansas, achieving a remarkable political comeback that has left Democrats speechless. Kris Kobach, the leader against illegal immigration and election integrity with Phyllis before other Republicans joined them, won a stunning victory against intense liberal opposition.

Three Midwestern states rejected ballot initiatives to legalize recreational marijuana, despite tens of millions spent to fool the public about this issue. North Dakota, Arkansas, and South Dakota all rejected legalizing cannabis, and these states have more election integrity than most liberal states do.

But in Michigan where voter manipulation is rampant due to a 2018 ballot initiative, an abortion bill passed. This again demonstrated why Phyllis was right to oppose the enactment of new laws by popular vote that is so easily influenced by the liberal media and funding.

Ballotpedia reports that more a billion dollars were spent on ballot initiatives in this election, including nearly $46 million to enact the pro-abortion law in Michigan. In Nevada, nearly $20 million was spent to pass by a narrow 52%-48% the ranked-choice voting scheme for future elections, which has blocked the election of Sarah Palin in Alaska.

Donald Trump is the leader in calling for election integrity, and this recent election shows how much our Nation needs him. “We will restore the vital civic tradition of in-person voting on Election Day,” he pledged at the January 6 Capitol rally.

John and Andy Schlafly are sons of Phyllis Schlafly (1924-2016) and lead the continuing Phyllis Schlafly Eagles organizations with writing and policy work.

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