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Slaying the Abortion Giant

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We’re entering the third week of the Planned Parenthood video marathon. Two videos are out with more to come. And yet the ghoulishness of the videos hasn’t stopped the White House from standing by them, Hillary from defending them, and the DOJ from investigating those who exposed them for the callous barbarians that they are. Those of us who are appalled by the videos are trying to figure out what to do with the present opportunity.


One author has ably explained why it’s nearly impossible to defund Planned Parenthood. They’re deeply entrenched, with one political party deeply committed to preserving and protecting the dismemberment of unborn children, and the other seemingly reluctant to fully engage on the issue. In other words, Planned Parenthood is a giant. A big, ugly giant who commits great evil, taunts the righteous, and strikes fear in the hearts of some. And, being the educated fellow that I am, when I see an entrenched giant strutting in its armor, I immediately begin to look for the shepherd boy with five smooth stones. Because nearly impossible isn’t the same thing as impossible.

In the present case, the videos themselves are obviously the fundamental stones. But those videos are more like catalysts than anything else. In themselves, they’re just sitting in the pouch, bothering nobody, and certainly not dropping any of the sons of Gath. So allow me to suggest five ways that we can give flight to those stones and hopefully bring the ugly giant to its knees. Some of these apply to all of us; others are limited to particular groups that are providentially placed to have a devastating impact, if they’ll simply take the opportunity.

1) First, for all of us: put pressure on companies that contribute to Planned Parenthood. The Daily Signal is keeping an updated list, along with a list of responses from some of the companies. Note that some of them have already been removed from the list. Planned Parenthood should be toxic to these companies. Associating with the casual butchery of a ghastly corporation ought to cost them our business. So tweet at them. Visit their Facebook page. Email their corporate offices. Ask them a few simple questions:


· Have you contributed to Planned Parenthood in the past?

· Do you match employee contributions to Planned Parenthood?

· In light of these videos (include the links here and here), will you continue to support Planned Parenthood?

If the company continues to stand with the Giant, tell them that you’ll be looking for alternatives to their products or stores or services whenever possible, and that you’ll be letting all your friends on Facebook and Twitter know that they support the work of Planned Parenthood in crushing babies and selling their parts. Make it painful to associate with Planned Parenthood.

2) For Republicans: The GOP ostensibly supports the right to life. Most of its politicians campaign on their promise to do whatever they can to end the carnage of abortion in our country. And yet when push comes to shove, they choose to vote to reauthorize crony capitalism of the worst kind, rather than vote to defund Planned Parenthood. This is, quite simply, appalling. Now is the time for pro-life voters who have put Republicans in power to hold their feet to the fire. If “pro-life” politicians can’t bring themselves to take a stand for the unborn when they’ve been given an opportunity like this, then quite frankly, they are worse than worthless.

Here’s one idea. Tell your congressman, senator, and the RNC that you won’t contribute one dime to any re-election campaign until they begin using the power they’ve been given to defend the weak by defunding the wicked. And not just show votes that are designed to fail. Put some pressure on the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader to actually defund Planned Parenthood and make the Democrats publicly stand with the ghouls. Make the president veto it.


The GOP are masters of Failure Theater, of putting up just enough of a fight to throw up a press release, but not enough to actually make a difference. But now is the moment to strengthen weak hands and feeble knees, to press our politicians to have the courage of our convictions, and to urge our elected officials to stand firm in the evil day.

3) For pro-life women: Forgive me for getting personal here, but might you consider contacting your OB-GYN to find out if they do any business whatsoever with Planned Parenthood? If they do, ask them if they plan to continue, in light of the videos (again, send them the videos). If they say “yes,” then you have a decision to make. And I’d urge you to consider finding another doctor. Honestly, if they continue linking arms with the abortionists, do you really want them taking care of you in your pregnancy? And if you choose to go elsewhere, be sure to tell them why and that you plan to post on Facebook that their medical practice will continue to support and cooperate with Planned Parenthood. Again, as with the corporations, Planned Parenthood ought to be toxic with doctors who are supposed to help us welcome babies into this world.

4) For African Americans and Hispanics (especially churches and religious leaders): Strong majorities of you vote for Democrats. I’m sure we’ve got serious differences on all sorts of political issues. But I’m also confident that many of you are as appalled as I am by what these videos reveal. The difference between us is that, when it comes to influencing Democratic politicians, you’re actually in a position to flex some muscle. If you rise up en masse and demand that the politicians that represent you back off, they might just back off. Make it politically advantageous for them to do the right thing here.


Right now, the president of the United States, the man that more than half this country voted for twice, thinks that the butchers at Planned Parenthood are doing the Lord’s work. He’s standing by them. So is Hillary. The Department of Justice is investigating those who are bringing the fruitless deeds of darkness to light (just like they did with Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights leaders).

You have the power to help bring justice to this country. As pro-life leader John Ensor says, “The end of abortion as a business is in sight when the pro-life movement is not only joined by, but led by, the African-American and Latino Christian Community.” (And if you need a clear and compelling connection between abortion and racism, just listen to this sermon).

The blood of these babies—black, white, and every color in between—cries out from the ground. And God has put you in a position to take the shot. So take the shot.

5) For all of us: Keep the pressure on the media. Make them cover this fiasco. Facebook and Twitter would love nothing better than for something else to start trending. Make that impossible. Retweet and favorite. Share and like. When the Left tries to muddy the waters (like here and here), deride it. Attempt to awaken some latent sense of shame underneath their obfuscations and interference. Point people back to the videos again and again. Expose the euphemisms. Translate the language. “Products of conception” = baby parts. “Fetal tissue” = heart, liver, and lungs. “Calvarium" = head of a child.


And of course, have some hard conversations with pro-choice friends, family, and neighbors. Ask them what they think about the videos. Gently press and probe. Equip yourself with simple arguments (like the S.L.E.D. test) to help others see what you see so clearly. Read this column by Ross Douthat to understand “the conflicted borderlands of the pro-choice side.” Understand that for many in the middle, “they don’t like abortion, they think its critics have a point…but to actively join our side would require passing too comprehensive a judgment on their coalition, their country, their friends, their very selves.” This will help give you the necessary patience and clarity to persuade others to make that difficult judgment.

The Center for Medical Progress has promised more videos. I expect that some of them will be even more horrific than what we’ve seen. For those of us who have prayed earnestly for God to act on behalf of the weakest members of society, this is our chance. So run toward the giant. And sling your stones.

If you faint in the day of adversity,

your strength is small.

Rescue those who are being taken away to death;

hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.

If you say, “Behold, we did not know this,”

does not he who weighs the heart perceive it?

Does not he who keeps watch over your soul know it,

and will he not repay man according to his work?

(Proverbs 24:10-12 ESV)


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