The Heart of the RNC – The Radical Neanderthal Core

Posted: Nov 12, 2014 5:05 PM

Dirty politics, lies and cover-ups are the liberal, socialist Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) stock in trade, but one hopes for higher standards from the Republican National Committee (RNC). But apparently that’s too much to expect, especially in Arizona.

On Saturday, November 8, Arizona’s RNC National Committeeman Bruce Ash got on the airwaves with quasi-conservative radio talk-show host Emil Franzi, and called for violence against those who happened to support the Tea Party candidate, Chuck Wooten, during the primary in the U.S. Congressional race for AZ D-2.

Conservative voters in the greater Tucson area knew the RNC’s top pick for the primary was the two-time loser, quasi-republican, Martha McSally and frankly, conservatives wanted something different. They wanted a candidate who could get elected and stand up to the good ol’ boy’s network in Washington and thus threw their support behind Wooten, the conservative long-shot.

Thanks to the RNC totally ignoring Wooten and instead dumping millions into McSally’s campaign, Wooten lost the primary. That put McSally in the same position she’s been in twice before, up against the DNC’s incumbent Ron Barber, who took over after Gabby Gifford’s tragedy.

Even after dumping close to 10 million into McSally’s general election, there is still no clear winner because the race remains too close to call. As of this morning, McSally had a narrow lead of 130 votes, which forces a complete recount – which also happened during the last election.

Considering this identical sequence of events has occurred twice before, one would think the RNC might get the idea that Republican voters just aren’t too crazy about McSally’s camouflaged platform. But the liberal arm of the RNC remains stubbornly supportive of candidates who will do their bidding and support gay marriage, abortion, and amnesty, to name a few.

But it isn’t enough they paid McSally’s way into the primary, now they want to destroy those who dared to openly oppose her.

Just a few days ago when Ash was a guest on Franzi’s program, Ash called for violence against the very popular radio host James T. Harris and USAF Lt. Col (ret) Thomas Norris, in the event that McSally loses this race (yet a third time).

It all started when Franzi falsely accusing both men of supporting Barber (only Norris did so) and then jumping into a tirade about a hypothetical situation. “By the way, if McSally loses by less than 200 votes, I hope someone goes over there and hangs up a sign about Harris and that phony light colonel (Norris) who was over there endorsing Barber.”

Instead of speaking the truth, Ash doubled down and added fuel to the fire. “How about kneecapping the both of them…, which may happen….”

To listen to the full transcript, click here: mark 9:19.

Interestingly enough, Norris was McSally’s Flight Instructor (supervisor) in the USAF and stated he did not believe she would be a good choice for U.S. Congress because of her demanding attitude and general ineptitude as an officer.

The phony ‘light colonel’ Ash and Franzi referred to is Lt. Col. Norris, a fighter pilot extraordinaire and a legend in the A-10 community. Once Norris realized the A-10 program was in jeopardy because of Obama’s destructive military policies and absurd budgeting priorities, he began working tirelessly with New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte and Congressman Barber to save the A-10, our vital close-air support weapon.

James T. Harris is a straight shooting radio host who tells the conservative truth, which flies in the face of liberal Republican faction who aren’t at all interested in preserving our precious U.S. Constitution, nor are they interested in the rule of law, as evidenced by the ‘kneecapping’ suggestion.

As Harris said, “ This illustrates the civil war within the Republican party between the establishment and the conservative base. Ash’s threat (of violence) is a perfect example of how tone deaf the establishment has become. If the Arizona GOP embraced the diversity of ideas within the party coming from a Gabby Mercer, Chuck Wooten or even non-Arizona candidates like Mia Love or Tim Scott, they’d be much more successful and wouldn’t have to kneecap me. It’s time the party realizes that conservative principles are what fueled the tsunami of 2014, as they did in 2010.

As is typical of any spineless politician, Ash denied his comments, which only makes things worse because it clearly illuminates his complete lack of integrity. Truly, you gotta love it when a radio interview is recorded and archived for all the world to hear – over and over.

These types of gangster politics and deceit must end and the only way to rid the RNC/GOP of them is to clean house, all the way from top to bottom. Considering Ash’s despicable comments are more in line with the DNC, maybe he needs to think about joining the other side.

As Wooten said, “Ash needs to resign immediately . . . because in the process of shredding virtually everyone in their path, particularly conservative Republicans who do not agree with them, they launched into a tirade that went really badly, really quickly. He is typical of the political thugs who have infiltrated what used to be a great political party.”