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When 276 Nigerian schoolgirls were kidnapped from their dormitory in Chibok on April 14, 2014, many in the western world were outraged and demanded justice. Sadly, although about 70 girls managed to escape the grips of the Boko Haram terrorists, little if anything was done to rescue the remaining victims.


According to accounts, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan’s first order of business was to contact the Washington DC based public relations firm Levick to shore up his own presidential image. Jonathan did not make an official comment about the travesty until May 4th, nearly three weeks after the kidnapping.

In a video released on May 5, the current leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau claimed that it was his right to take prisoners to use as slaves. He claimed in the video that “Allah instructed me to treat them like infidels and sell them…” which translated means the girls had already been tortured and then sold to members of the Boko Haram.

Another video was released soon afterwards showing of a group of girls of similar age, who appeared to be in good physical condition, reciting verses from the Koran. The video was supposed to portray the prisoners as healthy and happy. However, there were two significant problems with the video; one, the parents of the missing girls didn’t recognize any of the children being shown and two, the abducted girls had been studying Christianity and western education, not the Koran, leading authorities to believe the video was a farce.

Two weeks ago when four school girls set off four separate suicide bombs, there was little doubt that the exploded girls had been among those stolen from the dormitory on that fateful night. That revelation sent the Nigerian population into renewed fears because of the certainty that the abducted girls are being tortured into submission and slavery. It also heightens concerns about general public safety since women and children have not been previously considered suicide bombers and thus can easily maneuver into public places without drawing suspicion.


Today, months after the terrorist abductions, there is little factual information on the whereabouts of the missing girls, although there is strong speculation that they have been dispersed into makeshift concentration camps spread throughout northeastern Nigeria. Some remote villagers report sightings of the girls being transported into the neighboring countries of Chad and Cameroon.

Another concern is that the abducted girls have been raped and impregnated for the sole purpose of creating more innocent babies, which the Boko Haram will then use as tools to further their terrorist attacks.

Imagine strapping explosives to the chest of your toddler and sending him/her into a crowded market. It’s a scenario that rational human beings can’t even fathom. But maybe it’s time we did, because there isn’t much difference between any of the radical Jihadists factions spread around the globe. From Hamas to al-Qaeda to the Boko Haram to the Muslim Brotherhood, they are connected in most cases by a money trail and definitely in all cases by their unquenchable hatred for any Judeo-Christian culture.

Americans in particular need to be concerned about the advance of this radical Islamic evil because, like it or not, it’s already hit our shores. The Twin Towers, Fort Hood massacre and Boston Marathon, to mention a few, were not isolated events. They were planned and executed by radical Islamic Jihadists, hell bent on destroying our country from within. Shari’a run Islam is not a religion of peace, no matter how often their leaders (and ours) say that it is.


Sadly, the Obama administration would like you to look the other way and move on with your lives. And while America sleeps, the Muslim Brotherhood – through its shrewd government and business associations as well as mega Mosque building – has already successfully brainwashed U.S. citizens into believing the Muslim cry for “diversity.” Don’t you believe it! Their diversity cry is a farce because in fact the very last thing they will accept is anything remotely divergent from their own absolute, Shari’a controlled Islamic world dominance.

Meanwhile, the only U.S. President to have ever bowed to a Saudi king is too busy playing golf to pay much attention to Iraq or Israel, let alone the kidnapped girls in Nigeria.

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