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From immigration to national security, controlling the narrative, and the media at large, have all become Trump's 'trump cards'. Always entertaining, brash and blunt; Trump's proficiency for the art of the deal could solidify his position as leader of the free world. The establishment is struggling to come up with a foil for Trumps plans. Trump has his finger on what the people are angry about. Whether or not his unhinged approach gives him the staying power he needs to clinch the nomination remains to be seen.


Trump is most popular among moderates and some more conservative liberals who are not ready for the outright socialism of Bernie Sanders and also don't trust Hillary. He only has around 30 percent of the electorate. The majority of the electorate is being split among the other 4 candidates. It is clear that the remaining candidates, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and John Kasich need all need to do something drastic to secure the nomination.

With Iowa, New Hampshire, and now Nevada behind us, and Super Tuesday right around the corner; the people have successfully sent the message that they tried to send by denying Mitt Romney the office of President. That message being the people's distrust of the Republican establishment. The outright rejection of Jeb Bush, the guy who the Bushes themselves thought had a greater destiny in the White House than even his brother George W., has strongly confirmed that fact.

It is plain to see that the people are crying out for a total overhaul of the Republican Party. There is a large segment that have reached a point of anger, thus the strong support of Donald Trump. In order for American conservatism to survive it has become evident that many are calling for a back to basics approach. When you look at the American Conservative Union's (ACU) assessment of the candidates in the #2 and 3 spots. Ted Cruz gets a rating of 100 percent from the ACU and Rubio a 98 percent.


However, this election cycle it seems as though there is one candidate that people including the other candidates themselves are talking about more favorably than any other, that man is Ronald Reagan. Reagan is by far the most popular President in recent times. He united the country in a way that no has since. Reagan was exactly what America needed after the mess that Jimmy Carter made of the country. Perhaps one of Reagan's failures can contribute to rebuilding America in the wake of Barack Obama.

In 1976 Reagan's campaign for president, that would ultimately fail was in need of revitalization. Reagan took a gamble by named Richard Schweiker his running mate before the convention. Historically, we know that the gamble didn't payoff Reagan. However, that is the idea that is gaining popularity among conservatives this cycle, only this time it is Cruz and Rubio many conservatives want to see join forces. The two could exploit their mutual back basics approach to conservatism. Together both candidates' high ACU rating could take home the W from Trump for the party, while uniting Republicans for the future.

A Cruz, and Rubio ticket could capitalize on the issues Trump has people so unhinged about, and offer a voice of reason. The two could usher in a phoenix like rise from the ashes for a party that is somewhat divided, and in need of true identity. Both candidates have a similar take on the constitution, and together could pool their shares of support from voting Republicans, and edge out Trump.


Although wildly popular, Trump has got America back on its heels and has taken advantage of a mob mentality that exists this election cycle, which is never good when making important decisions. He also has many views that are in direct contradiction with conservatives. At some point the conservatives that back him will wake up and realize why many conservative giants like the, National Review, have rallied against him in the first place. Trump steaks, Trump Casino, and Trump Tower, Trump has put his name on everything he touches to gain recognition. Do we really want a Trump White House?


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