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If the 2022 midterm elections prove to be a drubbing for Democrats, as so many sources are predicting, how will the Left respond? 

We know from years of observation that the Left learns nothing from holding questionable and vastly unpopular opinions. As they have repeatedly exhibited, the Left seeks to fundamentally remake America, alter our language, rewrite history, pack the Supreme Court, abolish the Electoral College, criminalize parents, sexualize children, print money like there is no tomorrow, defund police departments, let criminals wreak havoc, diminish the military, kiss Saudi derrieres, and toy with World War III. 


Extremists They Are

Those in the middle and on the Right do not agree with what the Left seeks or espouses. We are Americans. Why do we, ordinary citizens, continually grapple with what a deranged fringe of our society believes is vital? Because we now know they seek to destroy all that came before them.

On the right, we acknowledge that the history of America was not fair for everyone. Some people experienced grave injustice, as have some to this day. We recognize, however, that in the annals of world history, for most of our population, much of the time what has occurred in America has been more beneficial than what has transpired everywhere else. 

We accept our history, warts and all. We wrestle how society can be more fair and inclusive. We certainly don’t need extremists who ‘know’ exactly how America ought to be reshaped and are eager to jam their dogma and extremism down our throats. 

Leave Now, Quietly

Note to extremists: you need to depart. Now. Seriously. If you are that perturbed with the deal you have here in America, pick another country. Who is stopping you from leaving? Better yet, pool your resources and purchase a section of Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, or in South America or perhaps Eastern Europe. 


Get going as soon as you can! You’ll never find solace here. Other than the boost you receive every waking second from the lamestream media, your ideas are not popular. They are not conducive to a democracy, a representative democracy, or a republic. 

You trade in manipulation, intimidation, and violence. You justify your behavior by believing you have a sacrosanct right to impose your will on others. You are no better, clearly, than any of the dictators or fascists in history.

We are never going to embrace your twisted version of America. We are never going to relent to your demands. We will never concede to your regime of oppressive political correctness. Multi-millions of others feel like we do. 

We are never going to respect anybody who wears a ski mask to do his business downtown after dark with the most vulnerable people they can find. We are never going to raise our fists in salute to your sordid organizations.

Raising the Funds 

In your quest to start another country, many donors will be available. The nearly 300 companies who buckled under the pressure of the corrupt organization, Black Lives Matter, and the financiers of compromised district attorneys and misfit Antifa groups, such as George Soros (and his 100s of organizations, each intentionally named to sound like the opposite of what they actually seek and do) can provide start-up funding. 


You can appeal to the United Nations. You can apply to the World Bank. You can undertake all of the activities of a developing country. Do so, because your foothold here is temporary. 

Most of the 332 million people you feverishly wish to rule will not put up with the one million of you, if indeed there are that many, who seek to disparage and to tear down our nation. In the end, you will lose. 

Perils and Promise

You resort to mob rule. You rely on slogans, hysteria, and impulsive behavior to get things done. You weaponize federal agencies. You do not honor the rule of law and that will pose massive problems. 

In starting your own country, predictably, you’ll immediately face perils. Your ‘woke’ citizenry will protest as you limit free speech and attempt to enforce language that adheres to narrow codes, based on your demands. As such, your new found haven will dissipate within three to four years. Still, you are welcome to experience such failure for yourselves. Your quest will be a mere footnote in history however you are free to make the attempt.

History has shown that nations do not easily form and succeed. Indeed, keeping them intact for 100s of years is a near miracle. We've got a good thing going in the USA for the vast majority of our citizens and, what’s more, they know it. You’re not going to undo what they have. Relocate sooner rather than later, or your next residence could well be a prison cell.


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