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Democrats: The Party of Attack Imagery, and Outright Attacks

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In times of turmoil, is toxic, heated rhetoric emanating from the White House justifiable?

"They bring a knife – we bring a gun."

"I want you to argue with them and get in their face!"

"I don't want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I'm angry!"

"Hit back twice as hard."

"We talk to these folks… so I know whose ass to kick."

"The other party's victory would mean hand to hand combat."

"Punish your enemies."

"I'm itching for a fight."

Such combative political discourse must have been from Donald Trump, right? Except, Trump didn't say any of the above. Barack Obama did when he was president. Oh... well, not a big deal, you say? Then your double standard is showing. How can such statements be labeled contentious rhetoric if supposedly uttered by Donald Trump, but not when said verbatim by Barack Obama?

As the second sham impeachment hearing comes to a close and Donald Trump is not convicted, he is free to run again for public office. As such, the Left will become even more desperate, their tactics more vile, and their utter disdain for America more evident. Any excuse for another round of incrimination will do. 

Orchestrated and On Cue

Beyond the Capitol Building riot -- and not coincidentally during the June, July, and August 2020 protests and eventual riots -- the Left also built up the false notion that Trump incited them. The Left has few other strategies to fire up their base. Joe Biden has no followers and motivates no one. When Biden became his party's presumptive nominee, the resulting fanfare was non-existent. Biden's handful of “rallies” drew tiny numbers; camera coverage and photos were always close-in to mask the size of his minuscule crowds. Bernie Sanders generated enthusiasm; Joe Biden does not. Kamala Harris does not. 

As he signs one moronic executive order after another, employs attack imagery himself, and makes predictable verbal gaffe after gaffe, the mainstream media simply says nothing. And why would they? Biden is nothing more than a figurehead whose days as president are numbered. He has served his purpose.

The lib-stream press currently does all it can, non-stop, to make it seem as if Biden is somehow lucid and focused.

Especially during Biden’s inexorable decline, the Left's strategy is to stir up more hatred for Trump and anyone who voted for him. Their various ploys could, and likely will, include having Alinsky-inspired Leftists, posing as violent Trump supporters, deliberately placed at public events, to deceive people into believing that Trump supporters are rabble-rousers. 

They will continue to disrespect, dox, and de-platform GOP members of Congress. They will make constant accusations of racism and xenophobia right through to 2024. To rally the Left, the puppet masters have few alternatives other than fomenting more of the same. 

Their One and Only Strategy

As the spring approaches, and Antifa and BLM find new reasons to take to the streets, the fawning press will scarcely cover any stories of these protesters blocking ambulances, throwing objects, lighting fires, or inciting violence. Because those on the Right rarely march in the street or protest – most have jobs and responsibilities – it is always easier to generate a Leftist mob. Fewer of them are employed or have any clue about the degree to which they are manipulated.

A curious question arises when assessing the Left's tactics, be they violent, manipulative, or garden-variety shenanigans. If the truth was on their side, if their proposed policies and platforms had merit, if their plans for America were viable, wouldn't they be able to intelligently debate issues? Why would they need to resort to anything beyond the power of their policies and principles?

As a case in point, in any upcoming ventures that Donald Trump might launch, such as an alternative to Twitter, the Left will stage massive campaigns to impede his progress. How, precisely, does political sabotage enhance Leftist causes? Hopefully, news of their tactics will quickly spread and, presumably, greater numbers of citizens will loathe the Left even more than they already do.

In any case, no matter what they attempt, the Left cannot increase the number of people who want more of Joe Biden’s inane, off-the-mark “leadership.”

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