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You Are Free to Form Your Own Country, Elsewhere

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If the 2020 presidential election proves to be close, the radical Left has whipped themselves into a frenzy believing that President Trump will engineer a coup – an illegal seizure of power to contort our Democratic and election processes. Hmmm. Aren’t they the ones who’ve been attempting this for the last four years? Just recently, the Left published a 38-page guidebook, Stopping the Coup: The 2020 Guide. The guidebook states that, “If the Right is prepared to steal the election, then we must be prepared to disrupt the status quo and resist.

As they have already amply proclaimed and exhibited, the Left wishes to fundamentally remake America, rewrite history, pack the Supreme Court, tear down statues, defund police departments, diminish the military, and abolish the Electoral College. 

Out With Extremists

Those in the middle and on the Right do not agree with what the Left seeks or espouses. Why do we, merely ordinary citizens, grapple with what a deranged fringe of our society believes is vital? We are Americans. 

We accept that the history of America was not fair for everyone. Some people experienced grave injustice, as have some to this day. We also acknowledge that in the annals of world history, for most people, most of the time what has transpired in America has been more beneficial than what has occurred everywhere else. 

We accept our history, and what is transpiring in the present. Many of us wrestle with ways in which society can be more fair and inclusive. We don’t need extremists who ‘know’ exactly how America ought to be reshaped and are eager to jam their dogma and extremism down our throats. 

Leave Quietly

To extremists, you need to depart our shores. No kidding. If you are that upset with the deal you have in America, find another country. No one is stopping you from leaving. Pool your resources and buy a section of Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, someplace else in South America, or Eastern Europe. 

Leave as soon as you can, because you are never going to find solace here. Multi-millions of others feel like we do. Your ideas are not widely popular. They are not conducive to a democracy, a representative democracy, or a republic. You trade in manipulation, intimidation, and violence. You justify your behavior, believing you have a sacrosanct right to impose your will on others. You are no better than any of the dictators or fascists in history.

We are never going to relent to your demands. We are never going to embrace your twisted version of America. We are never going to concede to your attempted regime of oppressive political correctness. 

We are never going to respect anybody who wears a ski mask to do his business downtown after dark with the most vulnerable people they can find. We are never going to raise our fists in salute to your sordid organizations.

You’ll Raise The Funds 

In your quest to start another country, many donors will be available. The 279+ companies who’ve already knuckled under to Black Lives Matter, and the financiers of Antifa, such as George Soros (and his hundreds of organizations intentionally named to sound like the opposite of what they actually seek) can offer start-up funding. 

You can apply to the World Bank. You can appeal to the United Nations. You can undertake all of the activities of a developing country.

Do so, because you will not gain a foothold here. The 330 million people you fervently wish to rule will not put up with the one million of you, if there are that many, who seek to tear down our nation. You will lose, if you keep at this, in untold ways. The president, or any president, might invoke the Insurrection Act or do whatever is required to vanquish you. When the U.S. military goes after you, they will do so with full force. 

You will be in combat with a foe that can overwhelm you, in every city, everywhere, within a day. You will be detained, tried, and likely convicted for treason. The penalty for treason is severe, as it should be. 

Your New Country Will Face Perils       

In forming your own country, you will face immediate perils. Your own ‘woke’ people will rebel as you restrict free speech and seek to enforce language that follows narrow codes based on what you demand. You do not believe in the rule of law; you resort to mob rule. You rely on slogans, hysteria, and impulsive behavior to get things done. As such, your country will fail within three or four years, but you’re welcome to experience that for yourselves. Your venture will be a footnote in history as so many other groups have been relegated. However, you are free to try.

Nations don't form easily, and keeping them intact for hundreds of years is no small feat. We've got a good thing going in the United States for the vast majority of our citizens and they know it. You are not going to undo what they have. Relocate sooner rather than later, or your next residence is likely to be a prison cell.

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