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The Oscar Goes to...President Obama and His Wife

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President Barack Obama is accustomed to receiving awards he does not deserve. In fact, the President received the ultimate prize in November of 2008. He was elected President of the United States despite scant credentials for the world’s most important position. He benefited from very inadequate vetting by the liberal news media; former political watch dogs turned lap dogs in the age of Obama. 


Right after his inauguration, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. This ludicrous decision was not based on the President’s few accomplishments, but rather on the hope that he would successfully pursue peace during his term. Of course, no other U.S. President would have ever received such an award without any qualifications.

So, what do you get for the man who has everything? How about an Oscar? It makes sense for Barack Obama is a glorified actor portraying a President. He is impersonating a leader, without showing leadership. He has never managed any organizations and has no executive experience, yet he is the Chief Executive Officer of our nation. He clearly does not know how to govern, so, instead, he continues to engage in his favorite activity, campaigning.

He is not the Commander-in-chief, but the Campaigner-in chief. In the process, he plays the role of President perfectly, fooling more than half of the American people, approximately 51% in the last election and in recent approval ratings.  

Barack Obama appears presidential, sounds presidential, lives in the White House and uses Air Force One. Everyone calls him “Mr. President,” and he even welcomes world leaders to our nation’s capital.


It is clear that he is an excellent actor, he knows enough to look and act the part of President, but, just like in the movies, it is make believe. In reality, behind the facade, Barack Obama is a truly clueless and ineffectual President. For example, his lack of leadership in the sequester debate has been astounding. Instead of cobbling together a sensible deal, he has demonized Republicans and threatened our national security.

While he plays a role, our nation’s problems are only getting worse, our country is becoming further divided, and there is no bipartisan compromise, only bitter confrontation in Washington D.C. This situation is exacerbated because Barack Obama is only acting in a role that he has no idea how to actually embody in the real world.

This persuasive acting performance has certainly convinced one group of supporters, the liberal elite who control the entertainment industry. They know a good actor when they see one.

This community treats the President and his family as virtual monarchs. So, when Queen Michelle wants to appear on television programs, it happens. The First Lady has been on a whirlwind media tour in recent weeks, appearing on practically every television show that will give her air time.


She reached the apex of exposure Sunday night when the top brass of Hollywood gave her the unprecedented and highly inappropriate honor of announcing the Oscar for Best Picture. She appeared via satellite as a reigning monarch, in a glittering dress, surrounded by military personnel. It was a completely shameful misuse of our brave service members and another example of how the First Couple uses people as props to further their agenda.

Last week, President Obama was campaigning against the budget sequester with first responders behind him. He recently signed executive orders on gun control surrounded by selected children who had written to the Oval Office. Clearly, the First Couple will use anyone they need at any time to accomplish their political goals.

In this latest outrage, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was only too happy to be used by Mrs. Obama. Never before had a First Lady been given such a privilege. Even Nancy Reagan, a former actress, was denied such a distinction. Of course, the Hollywood liberals hated anything associated with Ronald Reagan, although he spent years as an actor and President of the Screen Actors Guild.

The infatuation with the President and First Lady is so extreme that the movie industry may want to take a bold step for 2014. Instead of staging the awards in Hollywood, they might as well do it right in the Rose Garden.  They should invite Mrs. Obama to expand her role and become the permanent host and presenter of all awards. In that way, she can award the Oscar for Best Male Actor to the person who really deserves it, her partner in celebrity, Barack Obama.


Just imagine the scene, as the President accepts the award from his wife, the camera pans to the Hollywood sycophants in the audience all rising in unison, paying tribute to their heroes, with a standing ovation.  


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