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America 2016

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Politicians love to tell stories. They put little heartwarming stories in their speeches. Today, everyone will try to define Obama’s speech. I saw the speech and there was nothing new in it. He tried to fire up his base. We will see if he did it.

Last night, I saw a movie that you should see too. Dinesh D’Souza made a movie and wrote a book, “Obama’s America”. It’s a very pragmatic look at Obama’s upbringing. There isn’t any birther stuff, but there are some autobiographical facts presented about Obama’s mentors, and his world view. Plus it overlays his record as President to back it up.

The basic theme is that Obama is not a Marxist, nor a Communist, but an “anti-colonialist”. There is a difference.

His mentors all came from what mainstream Americans would call the far left. One mentor you may know of is Reverend Wright, who is an anti-colonial thought leader from a religious perspective. There are other religious leaders that advocate for both the left and right-so it’s not a stretch to think that Wright would be able to lead an anti-American movement from his pulpit.

His other mentors are either communists(Frank Marshall), radicals(Bill Ayers), or anti-Israel(Prof Edward Said). Obama’s maternal grandfather was also a communist. His mother left his Indonesian father when he became a capitalist.

But what I find interesting is Obama’s projected end game. Obama loves big government programs. Every proposal he has made is a giant government program. Big government programs consolidate industries into big dominant players. Oligopolies, and even Monopolies that have huge power over the market. Big government programs use regulation to eliminate competition-so the big corporate fat cats have nothing to fear-except big government.

The movie says that Obama is trying to blow up the deficit intentionally. If we can make things dire enough, the government can take drastic measures to try and remedy things. If major industries are consolidated enough, it’s pretty easy to issue an executive order and take them over. We already know the Democrats would fall behind a Democratic leader and take corporate profits.

Why wouldn’t they support a Democratic leader from taking over the companies that run them? Much easier to do if they are highly consolidated. Company executives might even be stupid enough to go for it if crony capitalism was involved.

It’s an interesting movie to think about. It’s interesting not just because of Obama, but it forces you to think about colonialism, corporate colonialism, and past empires. Very thought provoking.

My heartwarming story fits this way. Years ago, my wife and I were looking at different real estate investments. Of course, real estate was trendy back in 2000! We wound up speaking with a couple our age that ran from behind the Iron Curtain. He was an athlete. They got married, and were able to secure a pass for a honeymoon in Austria. They got off the train, and never went back.

They slept in a warehouse structure. Eventually, they made their way to America and settled here. Their kids went to college. They each run a small business and made a life for themselves here.

When I talked to him about investing in real estate, he asked me where I was looking. I told him, and he retorted, “You know nothing! Why would you invest your money ever in another country? America is the greatest country on earth. It’s the greatest country that there ever was, or ever will be. Why would you be stupid and do something like that?”. I didn’t invest in any real estate-thank goodness.

But the country that my acquaintance fled to would be similar to the country he fled from if the movie is correct in its projections. Obama has no compunction to tackle the debt. He will continue to try and establish his world view into our bureaucracy.

There are plenty of Americans in the US that were born here and sincerely think that America is no different from any other colonial empire of the past. True believers. There are plenty of hangers on that will try to milk what they can out of the movement with no regard to the future. They are the crony capitalists, the grease in the machine. There are plenty of people that go along because it’s the only hope they have, or they are so shiftless and unimaginative they rely on the machine to keep them in a subsistence lifestyle.

Obama speaks to those people, those hangers on, in every speech. With them, he can remake America in his anti-colonial vision. Without them, he loses power, and we can remake America on the first principles that people are coming around to again all over the country.

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