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End of Day Protestor- Occupy Your Backyard

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At the end of a business week, or sometimes after you close a business day, associates will get together and rehash over beers or snacks. They analyze what went right, wrong, and try to learn from their experiences. Thoughtful reflection.

What do protestors talk about?

As they are drawing that first beer, do they reflect and say something like, “We really marched great today.” Or, “You know, you really carried that sign well today.” “Nice paint job on that sign.”

Maybe they critique themselves? “Joe, you could have done a better job breaking that window. There wasn’t enough glass spatter.” “As you threw pies, your clown nose came out of adjustment.”

The protestors are here in Chicago. Many Chicagoans left. They retreated from the city. I was at a nice restaurant last night. Plenty of tables.

A few of my friends said they would just rather stay in and not risk running into a random march. For many protestors, I think it’s just a chance to go somewhere, camp outside, not bathe and not shave for awhile. At least the weather here is fabulous.

I was at Binny’s this morning and two women were in line ahead of me. They had some champagne, oj, and two kegs of beer.

They said because they can’t go anywhere they are going to Occupy the Backyard and invite all their friends over. That’s the right way to deal with them.

A lot of natives don’t even know what these people are protesting about. My guess is, neither do a lot of the protestors.

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