The January Market

Posted: Jan 26, 2012 12:01 AM

There seems to be a lot of bad news in the market on a macro sense. I have seen some articles where Greece is near total collapse. The Euro situation doesn’t look good. In America, Intrade has Obama getting a second term which is bearish. More slow growth/no growth policy. China looks to be struggling.

Technical indicators say the market is a little over extended to the upside. There are gaps below the market that should be filled. Goldman Sachs($GS) this morning said to get short US Treasuries. The only reason to be short the treasury market is because money will flow out of it into the stock market.

SPDR S&P 500 Stock Chart

SPDR S&P 500 Stock Chart by YCharts

The market has had a pretty impressive rally on no news, or bad news for the month of January. Either now is a time to pick a top, or it’s building a base for an even more impressive rally. What do you think?

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Romney paid 15% in taxes. He also donated 15% to charity. Obama, 1%. The President is cheap. Bet he has short arms and is a lousy tipper.

Obama gave a campaign speech last night.

It pays to know the King.

A friend of mine penned an article on Private Equity. He followed it up with Romney at Bain.

All they have to do is get out of the way.

An academic talks about his day on teevee.

Ever wonder how a beer start up gets a distributor?

How can a free conference call be free? Aren’t there some costs?

The memo from Larry Summers to Obama on stimulus has gone viral. Greg Mankiw was the economist that was skeptical. Here is the memo on his skepticism. Note the date.

This is why people think there is a bubble in entrepreneurship. The other reason is that Obama has created this big apparatus called Start Up America and there is government money flowing into it. Where there is government money, there is you know what.

Apple($AAPL) has $97 billion in cash. That’s like one day of social security payments. (kidding)

What did Nancy find?

USPS needs to cut jobs. Or, like the whole department and privatize it.