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More Republican Racists Support Cain

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I am in New Orleans the next couple of days. The weather is great. Around 80, sunny, not a lot of humidity. Going to meet a friend for lunch, then a guy for a drink and dinner at Herbsaint tonight.

The weather here is pretty rough from late May to September. But this time of year, and when its bitter cold up north you should book a trip here.

New Orleans isn’t just Bourbon Street although that’s what it’s famous for. The reason the town is so funky is because of the history of it.

I have found a lot of cool things to do with kids. Of course, there is the National World War Two Museum too!

The French, Spaniards, Indians, Slaves, and WASPS all came here. Pre Civil War there were more millionaires in New Orleans than anywhere else in the US.

The reason for that was the Big Muddy. There was a lot of commerce going up and down the Mississippi River. The fat cats that controlled the access and movement on that river got rich. With the rise of South America, the potential for New Orleans to boom as a port city is on the horizon.

Reminds me of the internet today in a way-only because it’s virtual. You can create your own river. The trick is trying to figure out how to build it, get customers to come and engage them in such a way that they want to float down your river and not jump over to the other river.

A lot of people think NOLA is just a party town with a bunch of hicks on the perimeter. But, you might be interested in this. New Orleans is the number one brain magnet in the US.

Today, the city’s economy is based on oil. Not a lot different than a city like Houston. As the energy industry grows, NOLA ought to grow too.

Anyway, you ought to plan a trip down here. Katrina is a fatal but now distant memory. I am staying in the warehouse district. There isn’t really an analogous part of another city because while it has parts that resemble a Soho (NYC) or Bucktown (Chicago), it’s still a bit different.

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Whoa, 2 hours to update my iPhone. ($AAPL)

Do you have an ego? Once was a guy in the $ES_F with a badge EGO. Wore it to remind him not to have one.

Groupon and Zynga sitting in a tree…..will they IPO. Yes. Before this year is out I bet.

Some people think the treasuries are overdone to the downside. ($ZF_F) If they are something else is overdone to the upside. ($SPY)

Pure idiocy. Interestingly, very few of the “professors” have PhD’s in economics or finance.

If there are funding issues in Europe, know where to find them. Hint, White months, $GE_F.

This is what Democrats are arguing about in Illinois. Meanwhile, Illinois is Broke.

Maybe I should raise a fund? What do you think?

Free trade pacts clear Congress. One thing that is stupid. Job retraining. Why should the government spend money on job retraining? It’s been proven by Labor economists not to work. Better off having the person pay for retraining themselves because whatever they learn sticks with them for life. Obama held these up for three years because of unions.

How much trash will be left behind Friday? Only the rats will benefit from OWS.

Herman Cain is in the lead. Can’t believe all the racists in the Republican Party that prefer him.

Totally sad. If you aren’t reading this blog, you should. He is honest. Keeps getting disembedded by the brass.

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