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A Colorado mom has sued her child’s school after learning her daughter had been pulled into a deceptive and secret club focused on gender and sexuality. The sixth grader was taught about polyamory, puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones and pushed to consider herself transgender if she wasn’t 100% confident in her biology. Keeping this all from parents was also encouraged.


“That would never happen at my child’s school,” you might say. I bet that’s what this Colorado mother thought, too. Sadly, many parents might be shocked and concerned to learn that their child’s school may already have the same or similar LGBTQ infiltration.

How is this content getting into schools? One way is that the Centers for Disease Control is actively promoting the LGBTQ agenda through schools across the country. Their primary tool is a questionnaire for school faculty, staff and administrators designed to measure how well they support the LGBTQ agenda. 

Teachers and administrators are given an assessment with 51 statements including:

■      “I cannot assume a student’s gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation.” 

■      “I participate in my school’s gay straight alliance (GSA).”

■      “My classroom includes visual labels like rainbow flags and pink triangles.” 

■      “During sexual health education lessons, I describe anatomy separate from gender, for example ‘a body with a penis’ or ‘a body with a vagina.’” 

The assessment grades schools for their level of compliance with LGBTQ inclusivity. Those with the highest scores are called, “Awesome Allies,” while those with lower scores are told they should, “Commit to Change.” 

Governmental entities have defined roles for a reason. When they step outside of their boundaries, it is usually with political motives. The CDC is tasked with protecting the public’s health. By publishing and promoting the LGBTQ Inclusivity in Schools Self-Assessment Tool, the CDC has ignored its charter. Instead of a service organization protecting public health, it has become an activist organization, using taxpayer dollars to openly promote the LGBTQ sexual agenda. 


Concerned parents and conscientious media across the country should want the CDC to answer the following questions:

1.     What disease does the CDC believe it is diagnosing, preventing or treating with this LGBTQ assessment?

2.     Does the CDC consider the biblical view that sex should be within marriage between one man and one woman to be a disease? Does it believe the tens of millions of Americans who believe this way are sick? 

3.     As the CDC pursues activism in sexual education, can the CDC provide a clear, scientific definition of a man and a woman?

4.     Does the CDC consider pronouns a greater health concern than drug abuse, tobacco use or childhood obesity? If so, based on what data? And are funds being spent proportionally to the priority of the issues at hand? 

5.     Why are the CDC spending taxpayer dollars on an LGBTQ assessment for schools instead of using those funds to find a cure for heart disease or cancer?

When we pull the curtain back on the CDC’s assessment tool, we see that it is part of a larger strategy to classify ideology as health and gain access to the hearts and minds of our children. 

Is your child’s school infected by the progressive left?

I encourage parents to use this assessment tool to determine whether their child’s school has been infected by the CDC’s LGBTQ agenda. By answering a few questions, parents can know whether their child’s school is mildly, moderately or terminally infected with LGBTQ propaganda. Because the CDC’s aggressive push of the LGBTQ agenda requires a strong defense in the home and school, this tool also provides advice on how parents can protect their kids and advocate for change at the school.


For too long, the progressive left has been stealthily crafting education policy that sneaks LGBTQ initiatives into school counseling, sexual education, extra-curricular programs, suicide prevention and graduation requirements. It’s disappointing, but not surprising, that progressives are now utilizing a government agency such as the CDC to coerce schools across the nation to fall in line with the LGBTQ agenda.

Jason Yates is CEO of My Faith Votes, a nonpartisan movement focused on motivating Christians in America to vote in every election, transforming our communities and influencing our nation with biblical truth.


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