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Conventional wisdom always had it that Republicans were the party of Big Business while Democrats were the party of Big Law. However, we are not remotely in conventional times. 


In case it’s gone unnoticed, Big Business has stabbed conservatives in the back while throwing us under the bus and every other treachery-themed idiom you can come up with. Corporate America has embraced of the fraudulent, globalist ESG agenda, adopted discriminatory – er “anti-racist” – hiring policies, attacked gun rights, sold the US out to China, and on and on.  

Apparently, this is their way of saying “thank you” for our decades of slashing taxes and regulations for them. 

However, as all this has happened, it has opened the door for Republicans to replace that institutional (and financial) support from Big Law. Once Republicans control Congress in January, the party can pass legislation enabling lawyers to fight the injustices of the Great Awokening. If lawyers can make money, and help us fight today’s trendy insanities, they are more likely to support us going forward. Presented are five ideas for such laws. 

5. Designate wokeness as a religion. 

The HBO documentary Going Clear illustrated how aggressively Scientology bullied the IRS into giving them tax-exempt status as a religion. With wokeness, we have the reverse, an entity that behaves like a religion (or cult) but doesn’t want to be designated as such. The one messaging war Republicans have completely won in the last 25 years is making woke such a dirty word that woketarians hardly use it themselves anymore. If we can force wokeness into admitting it’s a religion, the First Amendment protects people from it. And it opens the door to litigation against it. 


4. Criminalize ESG.

The Environmental Social Governance (ESG) movement is not a benevolent one. If activist billionaires really cared about helping the world, they would be giving their power away, not cementing permanent empires for themselves. Republicans must make the ESG mandates of proxy advisory firms, hedge funds, and others legally actionable for the damages they’ve done to our energy independence, broader economy, and national security. 

3. Hold social media financially responsible for their riots. 

The massive social unrest we’ve seen in the last couple years doesn’t spring up organically. Their sophisticated organization is a product of social media platforms, even though they explicitly ban the promotion of hate, violence, and crime. By 2020 alone, BLM was responsible for the most expensive riot damage in human history – upwards of $2 billion, according to Axios. Now, $10 million mansions won’t pay for themselves, but an organization as flush with billions in protection money, err donations, could probably afford to pay back the people whose homes and businesses they destroyed. 

2. Student reciprocity. 

The Democrats’ student-loan payback is immoral and unfair – by design. It is supposed to demoralize the people who have paid back their loans, attended less expensive schools, or did not go to college at all. But the student debt problem is still a problem. Republicans can promise legislation that allows students who were saddled with exorbitant tuition to sue schools for damages. Do this and everyone gets on board, those people still under water and those who aren’t. It also directly attacks higher ed, the most corrupt institution in our country. 


1. Open the door for class-action lawsuits against Big Tech discrimination. 

Whether it’s hidden under innocent sounding phrases like “Acceptable Use Policy” or “Community Guidelines,” Big Tech rampantly discriminates against whoever they feel like. While most of us grew up in an America where we tried to stop discrimination, the current generation is growing up in one where it’s rampant. A galling recent example was when Google and PayPal blacklisted the anti-pedophile group Gays Against Groomers. These companies are so big and powerful they feel they can do whatever they want … which means they can also pay through the nose. 

The whole point of the law is to create justice in a chaotic world where none naturally exists. Lawyers become lawyers because they like doing that, while making money. Keying into these twin incentives could help those wronged by corrupt companies, universities, and other organizations. And if law firms are making money thanks to good, conservative legislation, we can make powerful new allies to replace the betrayal of Big Business. 

Shakespeare’s Dick the Butcher wanted to “kill all the lawyers,” but the better idea would be to win them over.

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