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“White Supremacist” Attack in Portland? Fake News vs. Clear Thinking on Jeremy Christian

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Over the Memorial Day weekend, Jeremy Joseph Christian, 35, boarded the MAX train in Portland, Oregon and harassed two young women who, reportedly, were in Islamic attire. Three other men, who are now being hailed as heroes, came to their defense. 


Christian killed two of the men by slashing their throats. The third man, who was also stabbed, sustained non-life threatening wounds.

The alleged murderer is now being described as a “known ‘white supremacist’” and his crime a “hate crime” or “anti-Muslim” attack.

Both descriptions further blacken the collective eye of the journalist class, thus reminding us as to why it richly deserves the “Fake News” moniker that now attaches to it.

First, as far as we know at this moment, there are no videos, audios, or even photographs of the Portland crime. This in itself, in this day and age, though not necessarily suspicious, is certainly peculiar. It’s even more peculiar when it is considered that there is video of Christian on this same train ranting and raving just one day prior to the event in question. 

On this video, Christian is indeed seen and heard saying something both derogatory and crass about Muslims.  However, in one and the same breath, this “Islamophobe” is seen and heard saying derogatory and crass things about Jews and Christians as well:

“F**k Christians, f**k Jews, f**k Muslims!” Christian shouts.

On his Facebook wall, Christian called for a “Monotheist Holocaust,” the “Final Solution to the Monotheist Question.” He wrote that he wants to “put an end to the Monotheist Question.  All Zionist Jews, All Christians who do not follow Christ’s teaching of Love, Charity, and Forgiveness And All Jihadi Muslims are going to Madagascar or the Ovens/FEMA Camps!!!”


In another post, he wrote: “I want a job in Norway cutting off the heads of people that Circumsize Babies…Like if you agree!!!”

Judging from what we know, it would seem that Christian equally disdains all three of the Earth’s great monotheistic traditions, or at least those of their forms that Christian takes to be their perversions (Zionist Judaism, Jihadi Islam, Christians who do not follow Christ).  Police have confirmed that Christian was hardly the obsessed “Islamophobe” that the media is making him out to be, instead ranting about all sorts of matters.

Yet the Christophobes in the media, always on the hunt for the Big, Bad White Supremacist—who they want for the public to at least subconsciously associate with Christianity—ignore Christian’s “Christophobia” to make it sound as if he has a singular obsession with Muslims. 

The secular atheists in the media ignore Christian’s own atheism.  In fact, Christian sounds like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Bill Maher, or any number of other contemporary atheists insofar as he asserts: “I would really prefer not to have live with monotheists and various other moronic groups of ignorant cretins that foment hate in the name of Tetragrammaton/Yaheh/Allah and threaten to Destroy the world with their unmatched incompetence….”

Second, predictably, such organizations as the Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR) and its propagandists in the left-wing media have tried linking this attack with President Trump.  This is preposterous and should remind all Americans of conscience and decency that the left and those racial, ethnic, and religious supremacist organizations with which it allies are motivated by, not truth and good faith, but a desire for ideological domination.


Christian was a convicted criminal.  His record includes convictions for robbery, kidnapping, and weapons.  He was, indeed, a bad seed.  His Facebook rants reveal that he was also erratic. A one-time self-identified backer of Bernie Sanders, Christian called for the death of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump supporters. After Clinton won her party’s nomination, Christian endorsed Jill Stein.  Then, after Trump was elected president, he threw his support behind Trump—or so he said. But he reportedly did not vote for him. 

Still, his harassment of Trump supporters didn’t stop.  Apparently, it got so bad that some Trump supporters contacted the local police about Christian. The police, though, for whatever reasons, were unresponsive.  

Third, I have been looking high and low for a detailed account of what exactly occurred between Christian and the men who are now being hailed as “heroes.”  Thus far, I have not been able to find one.  If they verbally reproached him, imploring Christian to desist his harassment of the two female, (reportedly) Islamic passengers, then Christian is indeed guilty of double murder and battery. If, however, the men who may very well have been the good Samaritans that they are being depicted as, physically besieged him in an attempt to get him to stop running his mouth, then the killing would be one of self-defense, for Christian was not physically harming anyone at the time that the men, somehow, intervened. 


Fourth, at this point, if the police have indicated that Christian was not a known “white supremacist.” If anything, they have suspected that he is “mentally ill.”

Fifth, Christian has explicitly disavowed that he is a “racist” and has assured those that would think to accuse him of being such that they could count upon being “knock [ed] out.”  “I am not a racist,” he wrote, “and have a half Vietnamese Nephew and large Vietnamese Family in Portland the US Vietnam and around the world.”  He added: “I will generally knock out a person that calls me a racist.”

Nor has Christian at any place or time affirmed “white supremacy.”  If anything, he expressed admiration for…Malcolm X.  “Basically,” he wrote on Facebook, “it pisses me off that we have a federal holiday for some plagerizing [sic] weak sauce revolutionary….If X had lived longer I think he would have done big things!!!”

Christian continued: “Which is why I celebrate a real black revolutionary. MLK was as revolutionary as Mussolini.  everything he wrote was actually written by someone else….”

What a strange type of “white supremacist.” 

Finally, and related directly to this last point, that the media is spinning the Portland incident into an “anti-Muslim” attack is as dishonest as it is offensive. The two Islamic women left the train physically unscathed.  This “white supremacist” instead turned his sights upon three white men.

Three. White. Men.   

Two of these men are now dead and the third is recovering from knife wounds.  It is a strange kind of “white supremacy” indeed that refuses to lift a finger against non-white females in favor of butchering fellow white men.


To be clear, Jeremy Christian sounds like he was a scumbag long before he stabbed three men, killing two of them. If, upon receiving a fair trial, he is convicted of the crimes of which he is now being accused, I will be the first to urge that he pay with his life. 

Though my judgment of Christian doesn’t in the least change the fact that media coverage of him and his alleged crime has been profoundly dishonest, cooked from the start to fit the press’s favorite political narrative of endemic “White Racism.”

And what a better time, hot on the heels of the Islamic murders in Manchester, England and in Egypt, to truck out the left’s meme of choice.   

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