The Deplorables: The Best, the Only, Friends That You Have, Mr. President

Posted: Apr 11, 2017 12:01 AM
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Dear Mr. President,

You defied, shaking to its core, the Monoparty, the Government-Media-Hollywood-Academic Regime, when you came out of nowhere, garnered the support of unprecedented numbers of Americans, secured your party’s presidential nomination, and vanquished the Clintons, Bushes, and Obamas to the ranks of the has-beens.

Within a remarkably short period of time you have indeed managed to accomplish quite a few things. The economy is doing better than it has done in years. Monthly job forecasts have consistently underestimated, by substantial margins, the number of jobs added and the stock market is hitting one all-time high after the other. Companies that likely would have otherwise exported jobs to other lands you have persuaded to remain in the United States. Courtesy of your efforts, thousands of Americans who would have been unemployed now have work.

You have undone several of your predecessor’s executive orders, particularly those imposing burdensome regulations that constrained the economy and, hence, Americans’ opportunities for prosperity.

Importantly, given your tough talk on illegal immigration and the moral support that you have given to long-demoralized Border Enforcement agents, illegal immigrant border crossings are down by a whopping 67%.

You nominated a Supreme Court Justice that, from all that we hear, is in the mold of the late Antonin Scalia. Not only did you nominate him, you encouraged Senate Republicans to avail themselves of their Constitutional prerogative, the so-called “Nuclear Option,” to squash the obstructionism of the Democrats and see to it that your nominee was confirmed.

He was.

And you have scored these victories even while your leftist opponents, Democrat and Republican alike, have taken advantage of every opportunity to attack you and your family.

Moreover, Mr. President, you have fought back, and fought tenaciously, forcing the Regimists to reckon with a phenomenon with which they are wholly unfamiliar—a Republican who refuses to roll over for them.

Your strengths aside, there have been lowlights as well to your admittedly new administration.

You promised to repeal Obamacare. The Republicans have been promising as much for over 7 years. The plan submitted by Paul Ryan and on which you were all too willing to sign off was, as you would say, a “disaster.” Don’t misunderstand me: I personally was not disappointed by it. To be disappointed one must first have expectations. But you have never made it a secret that you were every bit as much in favor of Big Government as is the overwhelming majority of your fellow politicians. After all, you didn’t just pledge to repeal Obamacare; you pledged as well to replace it. This, to anyone who is listening, is a promise to substitute for this Big Government plan another of the same kind, even if diverging from the former in degree.

I don’t want any government plans. But I know that this is neither here nor there. My point is that the rollout of this proposal couldn’t have been handled any worse than it was in fact handled. Your party was in total disarray. How could the man who wrote The Art of the Deal allow this to happen?

Then, after the Ryan-Trump proposal died, you decided to attack…the Freedom Caucus. Bad move. The Freedom Caucus consists of at least some of your colleagues, like Rand Paul, who repel libertarians less than do other Republicans. No small number of libertarian-leaning patriots voted for you, Mr. President, because much (though certainly not all) of your rhetoric on key points approximated their own beliefs. They also saw that you were upsetting all of the right people.

In assailing the members of the Freedom Caucus, you risk losing this constituency in 2020.

Shortly after moving into the White House, you ordered a travel ban targeting seven countries that the Obama administration identified as leading sponsors of terrorism. Partisan-hack activist judges stopped it. You then unveiled a new, reworded ban. Again, partisans in robes suspended it.

After judges ruled against the first order, many of us were deeply disappointed that you didn’t ignore the ruling and execute your Constitutional duty to protect the citizens of our country. The ruling was political. Your position, on the other hand, was both morally and legally sound. But rather than ignore it, you complied with it and submitted a second order. Since it was stayed by a court no less politicized than the one where your first order was stalled, you have moved on.

Judges who oppose the Constitution while jeopardizing the safety of Americans do not deserve to be obeyed. Their rulings should be ignored and they should be removed from the bench.

Most recently, in contravention to the gist of the message that you promoted all throughout your campaign, you decided to intervene in Syria. That your deployment of 59 Tomahawk missiles to a specific Syrian target was a “limited” action does not change the fact that it has potentially destructive long-range consequences for America’s relationship to the rest of the world.

Mr. President, you once rejected the notion that Syria had anything to do with American interests. You recognized that those who agitated for the overthrow of Assad’s government had not learned a thing from the debacle of the Iraq War. You saw that the so-called “rebels” consist of militants, terrorists even, and that Assad, together with his ally Vladimir Putin, should be permitted to continue doing what they had been doing: eliminating ISIS.

Mr. President, you repeatedly reminded Americans that peace with Russia is preferable to war with Russia, and you singled out ISIS as the enemy on which your administration would set its sights.

All of this talk appears to have been just that, given the action that you took against Assad last week.

In concluding, I say only that if you fail to deliver on your promises, if the Deplorables feel that you have suckered them, you will be deep trouble.

To put it more exactly, if the Deplorables remain behind you, they will propel you over the finish line again in 2020. However, if you lose them, you will lose all. The Deplorables are the best, the only, friends that you have. Everyone else is an enemy, whether potential or actual.


Jack Kerwick