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Democrats Visit Mass-Murderer Raul Castro to Denounce President Trump's Policies

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“The group, led by Democrat Senator and Senate Appropriations Committee Vice Chairman, Patrick Leahy, arrived in Cuba last weekend to review changes in Washington’s policy toward the island since President Donald Trump assumed office in January 2017. During the press conference, Leahy mentioned the meeting that he and his colleagues held yesterday with Cuban President, Raúl Castro…During the press conference the Senator for Vermont criticized the new direction taken by the Trump administration with regard to Cuba policy.” (Cuba’s Communist party paper, Granma.)

The rest of the U.S. delegation consisted of senators Ron Wyden (D-OR), Gary Peters (D-MI), Jim McGovern (D-MA), Kathy Castor (D-Fl) and Rep. Susan Davis (D-San Diego).

Wow? How did relentless Castro-regime benefactor Jeff Flake miss this summons to further serve as propaganda auxiliary for his terror-sponsoring friends?

And gosh? I also wonder why in one of Stalinist Cuba’s top tourist attractions (Museo de la Revolucion) the “Cretin’s Corner” (which caricatures and vilifies “enemies of the Revolution”) contains only Republican U.S. Presidents?

And if the term “mass-murderer” strikes some of my amigos as unnecessarily hyperbolic, I invite them to note how Raul Castro personally and lovingly applied the blindfold to many of his firing-squad murder victims.

"The embargo makes no sense,” proclaimed Senator Leahy to the delight of his Stalinist, terror-sponsoring hosts who trumpeted his every utterance in their KGB-founded and mentored media. “And the reversal of the policies that Presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro negotiated doesn't help the United States or Cuba.”

Alas President Trump, who recruited several crackerjack Cuban-Americans for his transition team, probably snickered upon hearing Leahy’s Castro-scripted denunciation of the (so-called) embargo. By now the president probably well knows that—for decades now-- the Castro regime has been absolutely frantic and desperate to have the Helms-Burton Act (aka Cuba embargo) lifted. So leave it to Leahy to parrot the Communist denunciation of what qualifies as one of the crown-jewels of recent U.S. foreign policy, which has saved the U.S. taxpayer billions.

“This (Trump’s recalling most of our embassy staff in Cuba) is a grave error which harms the interests of both governments and peoples,” Leahy parroted Castro’s ministry of propaganda while in Cuba, “and above all those who need to visit either country for family or business purposes.”

“Business purposes” Senator Leahy? Can the gentleman from Vermont please be a little more specific about what these “business purposes” consist of when Cubans “visit” the U.S.?

No? The gentleman from Vermont would prefer not to let this Castroite-swindle cat out of the bag? Fine. Allow me to explain:

You see, amigos: Promptly upon entering office in 2009 Obama began frantically issuing executive orders to circumvent the (so-called) embargo of Cuba and open a financial lifeline from the U.S. (often on the taxpayers’ dime) to the Castro Family-Crime-Syndicate (grotesquely mislabeled as “Cuba” by the Fake News Media.)

“Here I come to save the day!” was a good motto for Obama and his team of whimpering Cuba policy Pajama Boys (Ben Rhodes, particularly)--because that U.S. economic lifeline came just as Venezuela’s was drying up.

This vital economic lifeline consisted mostly of cash remittances by (so-called) Cuban refugees wired back to Cuba and of travel expenses by “family visitors” and “people-to-people” travelers from the U.S. to Cuba. The windfall turned into a huge racket for the Castro-Family-and-Military-Crony-Crime-Syndicate, who own most of Cuba’s tourism industry, Cuba’s banking system and so started reaping a windfall estimated at $4-5.2 billion annually from the U.S. That’s about what the Soviets would send annually at the height of their Cuba-sponsorship in the 1980s!

Because you see, amigos: Many recent Cuban “refugees” were hopping off the planes or boats when hitting our shores and scampering straight to the nearest state and federal welfare offices to start filling out forms for their “refugee” benefits, which totaled about $1200 a month. Believe it or not, under Obama, the process of choosing these "refugee" U.S. visa applicants was outsourced to the Castro regime!

This means that Castro's snickering apparatchiks issue most of these visas to Cubans who don't qualify as political refugees by any stretch. Instead they qualify as Cubans who got to the U.S., sprinted off the planes to the nearest welfare office, promptly applied for their benefits (for which the regime even offered classes and tutoring!)--and started sending remittances to their families back in Cuba!

Despite Deep State (especially Deep State Dept.) foot-dragging and outright sabotage, the Trump Team is aware of this racket and slowly working to fix it. President Trump’s recall of much of the U.S. staff from our embassy in Havana cut deeply into this outrageous Castroite plunder of the American taxpayer.

But fear not! Senator Leahy and his Democrat delegation are doing their best to resume this cash flow to the terror-sponsors on our doorstep. I strongly suspect we’ll be hearing much more on this “heart-rending” issue—especially given the multitude of propaganda assets for the Castro regime on U.S. shores.

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