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Matt Lauer and NBC’s Swinishness Didn’t Start Recently

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"Wow, Matt Lauer was just fired from NBC for 'inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. But when will the top executives at NBC & Comcast be fired for putting out so much Fake News.” (President Trump Tweet)


Exactly! But actually, NBC’s infractions go WELL beyond issuing Fake News (and employing sexual harassers.) Serving as propaganda auxiliary for the intelligence services of a terror-sponsoring, mass-murdering enemy regime strikes many of us as cranking up Fake News QUITE a few notches! To wit:

The Today Show itself featuring Matt Lauer himself once broadcast on location from Havana itself. This was in May 2007 before Obama’s “opening” (surrender) to the Castro-Family-Crime-Syndicate (which NBC mislabels as “Cuba.”) So this represented a not inconsiderable “honor” for a foreign news (especially American) news network.

Gosh? Many wonder what drove The Castro-Crime-Family to such generosity?! Well the “generosity” happened to coincide with Castro’s big push to lure American tourists to his fiefdom to further fill his regime’s military and intelligence service coffers.

So NBC’s "Today Show" gleefully broadcast from the Cuban capitol amidst smiling, clapping, dancing tourists while Matt Lauer actually advised viewers on how to violate U.S. law and “legally” vacation in Cuba! 

You see, amigos: Raul Castro’s crony generals run most of Cuba’s tourist facilities so most of what tourists spend in Cuba lands in the pocket of the only people in Cuba with guns. Yet Castro regime agents (both on the payroll and off) keep insisting that a flood of rich Western tourists will magically smother Cuban Stalinism whereupon the island nation will quickly mutate into a bigger (and more historic and picturesque) Cozumel.


The logic seems to go something like this: rewarding and enriching the KGB-trained and heavily armed guardians of Cuba’s Stalinist status-quo will magically convert them into instant opponents of that Stalinist status quo.

Amazingly, this line of reasoning fails to convince those with first-hand experience under Cuba’s Stalinist regime. But never mind this insufferable rabble of "Cuban-American right-wing crackpots!" and their Congressional allies.

And never mind the evidence. To wit: for each of the past 20 years almost 10 times as many tourists have visited Cuba as visited in any year during the 1950’s, when Cuba was labeled a "tourist playground." You will note the spectacular liberating effect this has had on Cubans. In fact, last year the Castro regime set a recent record for political arrests and repression against dissidents.

Apparently eager to highlight their hypocrisy, exactly one month prior to broadcasting from Havana, the "Today Show" reported on location from Cape Town, South Africa. "The one indispensable visit on a trip to Cape Town is a pilgrimage to Robben Island. (a former political prison.) Most moving, of course, is the tour through the prison, led by former inmates, where you’ll view the painfully cramped cell where Nelson Mandela spent 18 of his 27 years in prison."

Needless to add, Cuban political prisons and political prisoners did not merit any mention during the two hour "Today Show" broadcast, though hundreds of political prisoners were languishing in Cuba’s dungeon’s within miles of Andrea Mitchell and Matt Lauer during the very taping. Among these were black human rights activist Dr Elias Biscet, who attempted Gandhi and Martin Luther King’s tactics of non-violent civil disobedience against Cuba’s very violent regime and suffered horribly for the effort.


It was fun watching Matt and Andrea decrying an impeccable "U.S. blockade" of Cuba during the Today Show from Cuba where the backdrop consisted of smiling tourists from all over the world (including the U.S.) holding up signs and waving.

It was fun listening to Andrea, wife of former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman (and early Ayn Rand disciple) Alan Greenspan, explain that Communist economics had nothing to do with Cuba’s crumbling buildings. Instead that "U.S. embargo" was the culprit. In fact, at the time, the U.S. was Cuba’s number one food supplier and 4th biggest trading partner, while Cuba traded (and trades) with practically every nation on earth. As Andrea and Matt spoke from Havana, trade delegations from 24 of the 52 United States were also in Havana attending a trade fair and signing trade deals. The main thing the so-called embargo mandated was that Cuba’s deadbeat regime pay U.S. vendors in cash. No credit.

So it was fun listening to the wife of one of the world’s most famous and powerful economists imply that paint, cement and spackle are only available in the U.S. and not available with payments of cash.

Back in May of 2010, CNBC again answered the Castro regime’s beckon for a propaganda broadcast. This one depicted “Operation Peter Pan” (when in the early 1960’s 14,000 Cuban kids—minus their parents-- were bundled out of Cuba and accepted into the U.S. with the help of the Catholic Welfare Bureau) as a nefarious CIA/Mc Carthyite propaganda ploy.


To hear the featured CNBC hosts and commentators these kids would have all been better off staying in Stalinist Cuba with their parents. Interestingly, the main CNBC commentator was one of these Cuban kids who became a prominent professor, (and Castro–regime collaborator) Maria de Los Angeles Torres. Well, here’s a little background on Ms Torres that NBC did NOT mention:

Maria Torres is a member of the Antonio Maceo Brigade,” reads the caption under her picture, taken in Havana in 1978. 

A U.S. government document titled, “The Role of Cuba in International Terrorism and Subversion: Subcommittee on Security and Terrorism, Ninety-Seventh Congress Special Session” contains the following: “The Antonio Maceo Brigade is specifically sponsored and headed by the Cuban DGI. (Directorio General de Inteligencia, Castro’s KGB/STASI trained Secret service.)” 

During yet another broadcast from Havana in 2012, Andrea Mitchell “interviewed” Cuban apparatchik Gail Reed but described her as: “international director of the nonprofit group Medical Education Cooperation.”

During the 1990s Reed actually functioned as executive producer for NBC News Havana bureau Well, Here’s what NBC did NOT mention:

For the past 36 years Havana resident Gail Reed has been married to an officer of Cuba’s Directorio General de Intelligencia (spy service) named Julian Torres Rizo. This KGB-trained apparatchik recruited Reed back in 1969 when she visited Cuba as a member of the (DGI-created) Venceremos Brigades of “starry-eyed” U.S. college kids. Obama’s future “neighbors” Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, by the way, served as recruiters for these Venceremos Brigades. This was an important function as leaders of the terrorist group Weather Underground.


As mentioned, “Fake News” is bad enough. But here’s documented proof that NBC cranks that transgression up several notches.

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