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Pope Frowns When Meeting President Trump—Smiles with Delight When Meeting Mass-Murderers Fidel and Raul Castro

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Pictures going viral this week show a smiling President Trump and a glum Pope Francis meeting in the Vatican.

The mainstream media and pinko talk-show hosts are having a ball with the picture. Consequently, some Trump supporters are jerking their knees, claiming any discord between President Trump and Pope Francis qualifies as yet another form of “fake news!”

The Trump press agency known as, for instance, claims all was hunky-dory at the Vatican where Pope Francis was actually delighted to meet Trump. They even scrounged up a picture where --in sharp contrast to the ones going viral-- the Pope smiles at President Trump during the meeting.

Unfortunately for the knee-jerkers, the picture going viral was obviously the one where Pope Francis posed for the cameras --which is to stay, the one showing the expression he wanted to convey worldwide (one of disfavor with Trump.)

And that’s what makes so many of us Trump-voters so happy with the President.

How quickly memes flip in the Trumpsphere! Heck, only a few months ago we were given to understand that bad-blood between the Marxist/Greenie/Globalist Pope and America-Firster candidate Trump was a veritable badge of honor for the Republican candidate. Indeed, such was the party-line from the very site now implying that any Pope-Trump discord is a form of “fake news!”

Actually for many of us aware of the Pope’s relentless pro-Communism, his obvious disfavor for Donald Trump (as manifested this week at the Vatican ) serves as a much bigger and shinier badge of honor now that Trump is President of the United States.

On top of spouting his Marxist “Liberation Theology” Pope Francis seems to compound his obnoxiousness by flouting the historic Argentine resentment (much flouted by his compatriot Che Guevara) against those boorish “Yankees.” Actually, those “deplorable” Yankees might be a better term nowadays.

After all, the traditional Argentine snootiness against Americans has always been mostly cultural/educational, much like Hillary’s against middle Americans. Think of Argentina as South America’s Beltway or Upper West Side—except for the income.

In fact, the affection by Argentine Pope Francis for the Stalinist regime co-founded by his compatriot Che Guevara (and for Communism in general) became so flagrant that Yale professor, world-acclaimed Catholic scholar and National Book Award Winner Dr Carlos Eire long ago dubbed him “Papa Che.”

“It is the communists,Pope Francis told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica last year, “that think like Christians. Christ has spoken of a society where the poor, the weak and the excluded are those who make the decisions.” Castro’s captive (literally!) press was quick to spread this bit of gratifying news.

Needless to add, like almost all vociferous fans of mass-executioners Fidel, Raul and Che, Pope Francis is also an outspoken opponent of America’s death penalty. Which brings us to:

“Dear Mom and Dad,

I’ve just received the news that I’ll be executed by firing squad in the morning. I assure you, dear parents, that I’ve never felt such spiritual tranquility as I do now. I feel content knowing that very shortly I’ll be with God, waiting and praying for you, my parents. I realize this news is painful for you, but please have faith in the Eternal Life. I want you all to rise above this and know that God, in his infinite mercy, has given me the grace to reconcile with Him… Hugs and kisses, not tears, for everyone. Goodbye, my dear family. Have faith in God.

Long Live Christ the King!

Alberto Tapia

“Apunten! (aim)” yelled the unnerved firing squad leader the following morning April 18, 1961 …

Listos! (ready)…………..

…….“Viva Cristo Rey!” (“Long Love Christ the King!”) suddenly yelled Alberto Tapia shortly interrupting the murder process and greatly unnerving the murderers.

“Fuego!!!” (Fire!) finally yelled the furious executioner.

A deafening blast and Soviet bullets ripped apart the head and torso of yet another young Cuban martyr. Albert Tapia was barely 21 years old, typical age for most of Castro and Che’s murder victims, who were mostly younger thasn Artiana Grande and Justin Bieber upon being murdered by criminals Pope Francis’ goes out of his way to hail. .

“The defiant yells (“Viva Cristo Rey!”—“Viva Cuba Libre!”-“Abajo Comunismo!”) from the bound and staked martyrs “would make the walls of La Cabana prison tremble!” wrote eyewitness to the slaughter, Armando Valladares, who suffered 22 torture-filled years in Castro’s prisons and was later appointed by Ronald Reagan as U.S. ambassador to U.N Human Rights Commission.

You see, amigos, given their valiant defiance even during their last seconds alive, by mid 1961 the mere binding and blindfolding of Castro and Che’s young murder victims wasn’t enough. The fine folks who hosted Pope Francis’ in Cuba this week then began ordering that the Catholic youths also be gagged. The shaken firing-squads demanded it. The yells were badly unnerving the trigger-pullers, you see.

So now, as the fine folks who hosted (a BEAMING!) Pope Francis’ in Cuba two years ago yanked the young Catholic heroes from the cells, bent their arms back, and bound their hands, two more Communist guards came into play. One grabbed the struggling victim’s hair and jerked his head back, trying to steady him. The other taped his mouth shut.

Raul Castro (who hosted a BEAMING—rather than a frowning-- Pope Francis at a Havana Mass two years ago) and Che Guevara (whose visage formed the backdrop for the Mass) were the most notorious executioners during the early years of the Cuban Revolution. The orders, of course, all issued from Fidel Castro, who Pope Francis went out of his way to visit and smilingly hob-nob with after the Mass, profusely thanking him for his efforts towards “world peace,” (I am NOT making this up!)

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