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This week Raul Castro (co-founder of a regime that jailed  political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin’s and murdered them at a higher rate than pre-war Hitler’s) denounced President Trump’s proposed Mexican wall in tear-jerking terms: 

“The wall that is intended to be build on the northern border of Mexico is an expression of irrationality, not only against this brother country but against our entire region…We express the solidarity of Cuba with the Mexican people and government. (Trump’s proposed trade agreements) “will violate environmental agreements to favor the income of transnational corporations, persecute and deport immigrants generated by the inequality of the distribution of wealth and the growth of poverty caused by the international order imposed.” (Raul Castro, 3/7/ 2017)

So it looks like the Stalinist dictator (whose  own national barrier caused TWENTY-TIMES as many deaths as the Berlin Wall)  finally lifted his self-imposed  gag-order on slamming  President Trump. Alas, half a century into the show, the spectacle of a Cuban dictator and the Democratic/Media complex  crooning duets is much too familiar to generate much applause or even interest.

Granted, under Castroite rule, Cuba (which prior to Castroism was inundated with more immigrants per-capita--primarily from Europe--than was the U.S.) has never had much trouble with immigrants.

Instead, the Castros’ own “Wall” (the Florida Straits greatly aided by machine-gunning helicopters, patrol boats and ravenous tiger sharks) killed over twenty times as many people as the machine gunners along the Berlin Wall.

These Castroite/Democrat-Media duets started very early in Castroite rule. And compared to them, the ones by Diana Ross/Lionel Ritchie or even Sonny/Cher appear pathetically clumsy and out-of-tune.  Let’s review a few:

“I am not a communist and communists have absolutely no influence within my regime.”  (Fidel Castro May 1959)

“Fidel Castro is not only NOT a Communist, he is decidedly ANTI-Communist. In Cuba there are NO COMMUNISTS in positions of control.” (Herbert Matthews, New York Times, June 1959)

“In truth I am a lover of democracy. When one right is suppressed, then all others can be repressed. This damages the principle of democracy.”  (Fidel Castro, May 1959)

 “Castro is honest. And an honest government is something unique in Cuba. Castro is not himself even remotely a Communist.”  (Newsweek magazine, April 1959.)

 “Many nations have learned from Cuba’s health-care systems. Here nobody is left without the health-care and education they need.” (Fidel Castro, March 1993)

"Cuba has superb systems of health care and universal education.” (Former Democratic President Jimmy Carter, May 2002)

“The Yankees were exploiters.  The boss for Cubans was always a mister.  The profits always went to Yankee banks.  These foreigners condemned Cuban workers to a miserable existence!”  (Fidel Castro Oct. 1960)

"I believe that there is no country in the world where economic colonization, humiliation and exploitation were worse than in Cuba, in part owing to my country’s policies” ( Democratic  President  John F. Kennedy  Nov. 1963.)

And on, and on, and on……..

And if you think outrageous lies by Democrat Presidents started yesterday consider that contrary to the Castroite propaganda recited by the canonized (even by many contemporary conservatives) Kennedy:

In 1958, Cuba had a higher per-capita income than Austria and Japan. Cuban industrial workers had the 8th highest wages in the world. Andof Cuba's 161 sugar mills, only forty were U.S.-owned.  According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, in 1958, U.S. investments in Cuba accounted for only 13 percent of Cuba's GNP. To cap it all: during the 50’s more Cubans vacationed in the U.S. than Americans in Cuba. (Be sure to inform your History professor and local PBS affiliate….now back to the originally scheduled program.)

Alas, cues from the Democrat/Media teleprompter probably didn’t prompt Raul Castro’s recent snipes against President Trump. Instead, the proposed wall might hurt his regime’s (i.e. family’s) revenue stream.

You see amigos:  a few years ago some of Mexico’s biggest newspapers revealed that  a Cuban apparatchik named  Boris “El Boris” del Valle, (son of Cuba’s former Minister of the Interior) and a relative of Fidel Castro’s wife Dalia del Valle, had set up shop in Cancun as a major smuggler of drugs and humans into the U.S.

The operation ran in partnership with Mexico’s notorious drug-smuggling gang Los Zetas. ‘El Boris” also imported hundreds of fellow Castroite functionaries to staff his smuggling operation. Most of these Cuban agents entered Mexico under the guise of "cultural exchanges,"(a major initiative of the Obama State Department vis a vis Cuba, by the way.)

Mexican investigative reporter Raymundo Riva Palaci ran an article in Mexico’s prestigious El Financiero newspaper titled, “Cuban Intelligence's Penetration'' of Cancún.

In June, 2010 Mexican newspaper SIPSE titled their investigative report: “The Cuban mafia seeks to use our state as a trampoline (into the U.S.) for illegals.”

In brief, President Trump, by simply enforcing U.S. law, could put a serious crimp on the revenue stream of the Castro-Family-Crime-Syndicate (widely mislabeled as “Cuba” by Democrats and the media.) 

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