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“America will also stand with the Cuban people in their long struggle for freedom. Their support has been unbelievable. The Cuban people. We know what we have to do, and we’ll do it. Don’t worry about it…. The numbers — the numbers have been incredible. In fact, they gave me just prior to the election, the Bay of Pigs award and let me tell you, that was a great honor for me!."(Donald Trump speech, Orlando Fla. Dec.16.)


These Cuban reedom-fighters (mostly civilian volunteers who’d never heard a shot fired in anger) battled savagely against a Soviet-armed, trained and led-force 10 times theirs’ size, inflicting casualties of 20-to-1.

“They fought magnificently—and they were NOT defeated!” stressed their trainer Marine Col. Jack Hawkins, a multi-decorated veteran of Bataan, Iwo Jima and Inchon. “They simply ran out of ammunition after being abandoned by their sponsor the U.S. Government.”

Their combat was over in three days. But–at the time of their capture after expending their last bullets--their heroics had barely started. Not that you’d guess any of this from the mainstream media, your history professor or the History Channel. To wit:

Living under a daily firing squad sentence for almost two years these men (and boys, some were barely 16--17 like Audie Murphy when he volunteered)  refused to sign the confession damning the “U.S. Imperialists,” the very nation whose commander-in-chief betrayed them on that beachhead.

Yes--they refused to publicly condemn the U.S. government—while thinking such a public condemnation would probably save their lives!

Many of these heroes spat on the document in front of their Communist torturers, convinced it would doom them to death by firing squad. “We will die with dignity!” responded their second-in-command Erneido Oliva to his furious Communist captors, again and again and again.


To a Castroite such an attitude not only enrages, but baffles,

The Castroites also staged a classic Soviet-style show-trial attempting to showcase (for all the world to see) the Bay of Pigs prisoners admitting they were “mercenaries in the pay of the Yankee Imperialists!”

For this big production the prisoners were thoroughly interrogated beforehand (the KGB had been coaching Castro’s secret police for almost two years by then) to see who’d crack, who’d play along. Only these would get in front of the cameras.

Tomas Cruz, Felipe Rivero and a few other Bay of Pigs freedom-fighters  gave every impression of having broken down. They whimpered to their Castroite “interrogators” that they’d be willing to go on camera and denounce the U.S.

So the day came. The Stalinist stage was set at Havana’s Sports Arena and the communist cameras rolled. Castro’s lackey vice President Carlos R. Rodriguez was the opening act. He put the microphone to Felipe Rivero.

"Nobody paid us to do a damn thing!" Rivero blurted…..Whoops! The Castroites’ mouths dropped. They gaped nervously. They looked around. A rumble went through the crowd.

"We came here to fight communism!" Rivero continued. "Men from every class and race in Cuba volunteered to come here and FIGHT you!"

“Holy S**T! What now?!” the Castroites were frantic! The cameras were rolling but started shifting around nervously. Rodriguez’s lips trembled. He wiped his forehead. He stretched his collar. Some heads would (literally!) roll when the Maximum Leader saw this! The cameras didn’t know where to focus.


"And another thing!" Felipe shouted. "We outfought you!” The Castroites were frantic now, they looked from one to another aghast and cleared their throats. They looked like Democrats during the famed Ollie North hearings.

Rodriguez finally caught his breath and with a trembling voice started with the usual Commie mumbo-jumbo about "the masses" and "the people…bah…blah…”

"Ok, fine!” Rivero rolled his eyes and waved his hand. "You say you have the people with you? Then hold an election! That’ll really tell us, won’t it!"

Complete pandemonium, amigos. Even the diehard commies in the crowd couldn’t restrain themselves. Che Guevara himself had to snicker. A rumble of laughter, a rustle of claps and hoots erupted from all corners. All this was on Cuban national TV, remember.

And Cuba – that impoverished and squalid little Third World country Castro’s echo chamber 0the mainstream media) always tells us about – besides having net immigration from Europe shortly before the glorious liberation, also had more TVs per capita than Canada or Germany.

The very island almost shook with a collective roar.

Finally the Maximum Leader himself (Fidel Castro) pranced on the stage. Only he could straighten things out. He had it all figured out. He had an ace up his sleeve. So he approached the black parachutist prisoner Tomas Cruz. "We opened the beaches for you blacks," he sneered. (Cuba had a private whites-only country club with a private beach.) "So what on earth are you doing with these Yankee mercenaries?"


Tell it to Obama and the Congressional Black Caucus, Fidel. Tell it to Maxine Waters and Jesse Jackson – they’ll swallow your BS and ask for seconds.

But Cruz didn’t flinch. He looked Castro straight in the eye. "I didn’t come here to swim," He glowered. "I came here to fight communism. I came here with my brothers of every race to free my homeland from communism.”

Well, amigos, the Castroites decided to hold these "trials" behind closed doors and with the cameras off after that.

Any more questions why Trump feels honored by an endorsement from such men? Or why such men saw fit to endorse Trump? 

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