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Well, it’s official. After last month’s chat and handshake with Stalinist dictator (and mass-murdering sadist) Raul Castro, President Obama kindly removed the Castro family fiefdom from the State Department’s list of “terror-sponsoring” nations.


“Sadist” might sound hyperbolic but it amply applies here. As well known by Cuba-watchers Raul Castro’s first official act in Jan. 1959 was lining up 150 potential regime opponents in front of a ditch and having them machine gunned and bulldozed into a mass grave. By the end of the year he had signed off on 550 murder warrants. Six years later the bullet-shattered bodies of an estimated 16,000 Cubans lay in mass graves and 350,000 other Cubans (1 in 16 of the Cuban-population, a higher political jailing rate than Stalin’s during ten Great Terror) suffered in the Castroite Gulag.

While a rebel in the hills Raul delighted in tying the blindfold, then lovingly shattering the firing-squad victim’s skull with the coup de grace blast himself, much like his colleague and bosom-chum Che Guevara. Most of these murder victims were young Cuban campesinos (rednecks) who rubbed Raul and Che the wrong way (i.e. scoffed at the communism these two Soviet agents already practiced and preached.)

But back to the current issue. Given that Cuba is no longer a “terror-sponsor” or even a “threat to our national interests” will Obama now pardon the Cuban spies in U.S. prisons?

If not—why? What could be more logical? Ana Belen Montes was convicted the same services on behalf of Castro as Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were convicted of on behalf of Stalin: espionage. Here’s part of Cuban spy Ana Montes’ courtroom defense in 2002:

"Cuba poses no significant threat to the U.S. or any of its hemispheric neighbors. No evidence exists that Cuba is trying to foment any instability in the Western Hemisphere…I believe U.S. policy towards Cuba is cruel and unfair, profoundly unneighborly. My greatest desire is to see amicable relations emerge between the United States and Cuba. I hope our government will abandon its hostility towards Cuba and to work with Havana in a spirit of tolerance, mutual respect, and understanding.”


Here’s U.S. President Barack Obama on April 11, 2015:

"Cuba is not a threat to the United States...They don't implicate our national security in a direct way...On Cuba, we are not in the business of regime change. And let’s be clear that we're prepared to partner and engage with everybody…I'm optimistic we'll continue to make progress and that this can indeed be a turning point not just between the United States and Cuba but for greater cooperation among countries across the region."

Should this poor woman continue to suffer in prison for the “crime” of being a bit “ahead of the curve” on U.S. foreign policy? I mean, what’s a little military secret-sharing among friends? Her heart was clearly in the right place, Obama policy-wise. “She certainly meant well,” our President must think to himself.

Recently your humble servant had to “break the news” to John Stossel and a CATO Institute Cuba “expert” on the number of Castro spies that penetrated our Defense and State Departments during Democratic administrations. These penetrations always happen during those much-bally-hooed (by liberals and libertarians) U.S. “diplomatic openings” to Cuba when “cultural and commercial and educational exchanges…blah…blah” blossom between our two nations. Cuba–watchers can only imagine the wholesale infiltration going on nowadays!

Here’s a fascinating datum: Havana’s Museo de la Revolucion has a “Cretin’s Corner” where U.S. presidents are caricatured and vilified. These “Cretins,” however, all turn out to be Republicans. Not a single Democratic president (not even John “Bay of Pigs and Missile Crisis” F. Kennedy is featured.)


In fact, historically the public declarations of prominent Democrats and the diary entries of convicted Castro spies have been remarkably similar. If this again sounds hyperbolic, let’s play a game I’ve titled, “Castro Spy or Prominent Democrat Jeopardy--Who Said It?” ….OK, let’s get started!

"Fidel has lifted the Cuban people out of the degrading and oppressive conditions which characterized pre-revolutionary Cuba. He has helped the Cubans to save their own souls. Cubans don’t need to try very hard to make the point that we (the U.S.) have been the exploiters."

If you answered: "That’s from the diaries of convicted (in 2009) Cuban spy Walter Kendall Myers," you are correct! Next question:

"I believe that there is no country in the world including any and all the countries under colonial domination, where economic colonization, humiliation and exploitation were worse than in Cuba, in part owing to my country’s policies during the Batista regime…"

If you answered, "Gosh, that certainly sounds like a convicted Cuban spy?... But I’m gonna say its Democratic President of the United States John F. Kennedy speaking to French Journalist Jean Daniel in Nov. 1963." Correct again! Next quote:

"Everything one hears about Fidel suggests that he is a brilliant and charismatic leader."

"Hey, isn’t that convicted Castro spy, Kendall Myers, again?" you answer. Yes! You win again. Next:

"Fidel Castro is very shy and sensitive, a man I regard as a friend."

"Gosh, again that sounds like the spy but I’m guessing that was Democratic Presidential candidate and the man known as the Conscience of the Democratic Party,” George McGovern?" Yes! Right again!...but that was too easy. Here’s a toughie:


"Cuba has superb systems of health care and universal education..the Cuban embargo is the stupidest law ever passed in the U.S."

“That sure sounds like former U.S. Democratic president James Earl Carter,” you answer—and win!

(For the sake of this column, please overlook that all of the above talking points issued by Castro to his propagandists are demonstratively false. The point here is to show who in the U.S. parrots these KGB-concocted lies.)

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