Falling off the Floor: Gloria Allred and the Democrats

Posted: Sep 30, 2010 12:01 AM
Falling off the Floor:  Gloria Allred and the Democrats

Meg Whitman easily bested Jerry Brown in a debate over the future of California on Tuesday night.

So California Democrats had to hope that one of their reliable warhorses would saddle up and do some damage to Whitman with some kind of smear that diverted attention from the knock-down that Brown suffered. Lawyer Gloria Allred turned up, right on schedule, with a headline grabbing, allegation-hurling press conference about the misdeeds of Whitman.

Turns out that Whitman had hired a housekeeper a few years back, after being provided all the necessary documents. Whitman was very serious about complying with the law as any CEO of a major public company ought to be, if only to protect the thousands and thousands of shareholders who cannot afford to have corporate leadership turn out to be law breakers.

Whitman was defrauded. The housekeeper lied. Many years later the housekeeper admitted her lies to Whitman, and Whitman dismissed her.

First the law. Don't believe me. Believe Erwin Chemerinsky, the very liberal dean of the University of California at Irvine Law School. After Allred's press conference I had Erwin on my radio program to state the law, which he did very quickly: Whitman had to fire the housekeeper or break the law.

Then I had Gloria on the program. The audio and transcript are posted at HughHewitt.com.

I have known Gloria for a number of years, and like her. But she's a lefty and publicity-hungry, so when she can combine both her political agenda and her ambitions for the spotlight, don't get between her and the camera. This is why she played herself in the movie Rat Race. Her publicity-seeking is so over the top that even she is willing to make fun of it on the big screen.

She last attacked a Republican candidate for governor when he was leading the polls shortly before a vote when she launched a broadside against Arnold in August of 2003. Her client, Rhonda Miller, alleged sexual harassment. Miller's suit was dismissed.

I began my interview with Allred by asking her how that case turned out. Allred objected to the line of questioning.

I played Erwin's answer to my straightforward question and asked Allred if Erwin had stated the law correctly.. Allred objected to the line of questioning.

I asked Allred if she could state the law. She objected to this line of questioning.

Allred hung up on me when it became obvious that I simply wasn't going to allow her to repeat her allegations without establishing first a theory of the law under which Whitman could be understood to have done anything wrong.

All across the county, Democrats are hanging up on calls from voters, or not answering the phone in the first place.

They aren't holding votes in Congress, and they aren't holding townhalls in their districts.

They make outrageous charges and then refuse, like Allred on my show, to state their cases or make their arguments.

I have waited 20 years in broadcast for the perfect moment to tell a nonsense-spewing guest that they can't handle the truth. I got to do it with Gloria.

Soon the entire country will get to do it to Democrats from the top of the ticket to the bottom. The nonsense and stunts must stop. The country has real problems, problems that trial lawyers cannot solve, that public employee unions cannot divert attention from, and for which the president, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have no answers.

Like Gloria Allred today, the entire party will be embarrassed after the decision is rendered.

Sadly, like Gloria, there is very little evidence that they will change their ways.