Creating Real Jobs: QuantumSphere and the Challenge of 2010

Posted: Nov 07, 2009 5:08 PM

As Congress shrugs off the stunning level of unemployment and busies itself with the next step in the job-destroying takeover of American medicine, it will do everyone a great bit of good --especially Members of Congress and their staffs-- to spend three minutes this weekend watching this video.

QuantumSphere is seven years old, founded and operated by a University of California Irvine grad in Santa Ana, one of the country's most impoverished cities, with capital he raised for himself. He employs 21 people in the invention and production of advanced materials and process chemistry used in a wide variety of products from batteries to industrial inks.

These are 21 jobs that didn't exist seven years ago, with an upside that is almost unimaginable. A true jobs strategy would concentrate on letting the founder and CEO, Kevin Maloney, keep plowing his profits back into growing his company. Cutting the taxes he pays not only allows him to hire more people, it benefits the stressed city of Santa Ana and the distressed state of California. And the nano-materials products QSI produces powers productivity gains in other companies and industries.

That's how jobs are really created and that's how real GDP growth is achieved. The past year in D.C. has been an exercise in unicorn wishing done by 535 legislators and one president with almost zero experience in ever creating even one job.

Much more damage will be done before this Congress can be replanned and the president replaced in 2013. But Tuesday's elections show that the country is very much aware of the disastrous course we are on and demonstrates that our votes can and will fix it in November 2010 and November 2012. While the thousands and thousands of Kevin Maloneys of the country do their best to stay in growth mode for the next three years, political activists need to do whatever they can to get resources to the pro-real growth candidates who will defeat incumbents who are simply ignorant of how an economy grows and with it a country's prosperity and security.

This weekend it would help slow down the Democrat-led rush to cripple the economy with the vast new taxes and regulations of Obamacare by sending a message to the Democratic majorities who are destroying the jobs of the United States that real change is coming. The very best way to do that is by sending contributions to two Republicans running for two Senate seats held by Democrats. If Senate Democrats see contributions pouring into the campaign coffers of Republican candidates running in toss-up states and they see it against the backdrop of this past Tuesday's votes in Virginia and New jersey, those who want to keep their jobs will pause, even if the funds are flowing into campaigns against their colleagues. They will know their turn is coming.

Congressman Mike Castle is running for the Delaware Senate seat previously held by Vice President Biden and for which the Vice President's son, Beau Biden, will be campaigning. Castle is a very popular figure in Delaware, a former governor, and the front-runner in the polls. All he will need are resources to put that seat in the GOP column. Castle is center-right, with an American Conservative Union lifetime rating of 52%. You can contribute online here .

Former Congressman Pat Toomey is running for the Senate seat held presently by Arlen Specter . Specter may not survive the Democratic primary, but either way, Toomey will be matched up a hyper-liberal a year from now. Toomey is a conservative's conservative --the former head of the Club for Growth. He is also an indefatigable campaigner. You can contribute online here.

To stop the country's economic slide --and its foreign policy confusion-- we need to elect both the center-right Castle and the conservative Toomey. If you are a conservative, you ought to contribute first to Castle, and if you are a moderate Republican, start with Toomey. Both men agree on cutting spending and restoring a tax policy that is growth oriented. Both oppose Obamacare. Each could use $25, $50, or $100 or more. Besides calling the congressmen and senators listed below to urge a no vote on Obamacare, take the 10 minutes and spend the $50, $100 0r $200 (or more) to fully fund the campaign ahead. Serious people can win next November, but they have to get funded now so that 15 months from now a new Congress appreciate of and not hostile to the QuantumSpheres of the world replaces the current wrecking crew.

The Hill's switchboard is 202-224-3121.