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As Americans of all stripes shake off their shock over Obamacare being upheld, a chilling realization will soon set in. The good news in the short term, is that the only answer for people who want to escape the federal government takeover of health care is to elect politicians of either party who solemnly commit to the rule of law and swear allegiance to the Constitution. The bad news is that the 1% just completed their utter takeover of the nation and Lord help us now.

At first blush, Obamacare, the insultingly euphemistically named "Affordable Care Act", is a battle between the limited government loving political right and the socialistic political left. The former see this as an abominable government intrusion into the lives of all Americans, and the latter, the political left, more concerned with their version of just outcomes than letting obscure words written over 200 years ago get in the way of helping people. In reality, while both sides were focused on competing principles and politics, the most high-powered lobbyists in the world were pulling all the strings.

There is an axiom in political psychology, or policology, that conservatives see things in black and white, right and wrong, but that people on the left see shades of gray. For a lefty to take a stand risks judging people for their stand. Of course the lefties we see from day to day are the agitators with the sinister agenda of remaking America into a socialist utopia. They are more concerned with change for change sake, and dismantling of the Constitution that stands in the way of real "change", than they are with the actual policy outcomes. This was a resounding victory for them. The 10th Amendment, reserving power to the states-over health insurance regulation, in this instance-was decimated. The greatest victory for the agitators is that vast expansion of the Interstate Commerce Act, by successive Congresses seeking to expand their power over our lives, looks like small potatoes to the Robert's Rule.

In Roe v. Wade, one Supreme Court stripped power from the states over the regulation of abortion, finding a magical right to privacy in the "penumbras" of the Constitution. Robert's Rule is that Congress can mandate any behavior they want on the American people as long as they call it a tax. Even though Democrat leaders denied it was a tax, when it became convenient to declare it a tax to justify it, Chief Justice Roberts obliged saying, "The federal government does not have the power to order people to buy health insurance. The federal government does have the power to impose a tax on those without health insurance," Really? Please tell us what the difference is, and where the Founding Fathers suggested giving the Congress that authority to use the tax code to compel behavior? Sadly, whether that statement is true or not, Roberts just created a new law that the Occupiers and all Americans will come to hate.

This is the critical distinction that all patriotic Americans would be wise to appreciate. The Occupiers, while driven by the organized agitators, usually with George Soros' money, want something very different than what Obama is doing. If they appear confused, they are. Their main point is that Wall Street has too much power. That is hard to argue. Just who should have the power instead, is the question.

Obamacare disappointed many on the left. Think about it. The Occupiers just want to limit suffering. A big percentage of the left had high hopes that Obama would deliver true single payer healthcare. For the agitators, David Axelrod, Soros, Pelosi, Reid and Obama, this was not about healthcare at all. They want power. 

When an obscure candidate was plotting the takeover of a nation, he reasoned that power rested in three places. As we are seeing in Eqypt, the military is one obvious center of power. Lenin illuminated how powerful the masses can be. Naturally, money is ultimate power and where is that power more concentrated than Wall Street. In his day, Adolph Hitler coddled the wealthy people and used that money to buy the affection of the masses. The military had to fall in line. The ultimate irony is that the "first black President", the bootstraps kid from a humble background was able to shatter all fundraising records and deliver the masses on election day. How do you suppose he was able to do that? Answer, Wall Street.
Obama then set about the business not only of vastly expanding government power over peoples’ lives, which would be socialism, but by vastly expanding the power of private corporations over their lives, namely big insurance, big pharma, and big medicine, this by any name, is fascism. The Abomination that is Obamacare is that it is the single biggest special interest bill ever written in Congress. Start with the idea that 20 million uninsured Americans are now forced into being new customers of private insurance companies. Imagine the reaction of the Occupiers had a Republican done that. That would be labled "Republicans rewarding corporate fat cats". So what is it when a hard left, socialist does it?

What is so stunning and tragic and perhaps simultaneously providential and a sign of hope, is that the more Americans find out what is really "in the bill" for instance, when the tax bill comes due, and they realize that the insurance companies can treat them like crap because that is what you expect from a business or agency when you have no choice but to patronize them, they will think about who stuck them in that crack. Therein lies the real hope that probably played into the million dollars donated to the Romney campaign in the hours just after the SCOTUS decision. 
The Occupiers do not love Obama anywhere nearly as much as they hate Wall Street. When they realize that in pursuit of the utopia of the German dreamer Karl Marx, Obama has borrowed the playbook of the Austrian with the funny mustache, it will be the job of every God-fearing, freedom-loving American patriot to remind them how that story ends.

The leftist agitators won the battle today, with Justice Roberts playing the role of Brutus. The Constitution may be mortally wounded as the special interests from Wall Street are in total control. The last hope to limit their power over the worst Congress money can buy was the Supreme Court. They failed us today. The new Robert's rule is that Congress can deliver any American into the hands of any corporation as long as they tax them in the process. On the other hand, this is America. We can curl up in a fetal position and mope or we can take up arms and fight tyranny. As New Zealander, Trevor Loudon famously says about America reflecting on the American entry into World War Two to the salvation of the world, "There is hope for the World as long as America is free". So America, we have no faith in the courts, or this Congress. We have the government we deserve. We must look inside ourselves, repent, pray, and get to work wrestling control from this Congress by doing the daily toil of electing people to office who swear allegiance to the Constitution and the rule of law. Nothing less than our all will do.

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