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One America News Network reporter Jack Posobiec has received an onslaught of leftist attacks in recent weeks from the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that demonstrates that the fake news does not care how disgraced or disreputable a group is as long as they promote leftist dogma.


The hit pieces have gained some traction by being amplified in the left-wing echo chamber. On Google News, typing Posobiec's name into the search engine brings up an immediate slew of SPLC hit pieces. It is worth noting that there is nothing on there about a recent ANTIFA attack in Washington D.C. against Posobiec. That information has been suppressed by our Big Tech overlords.

According to these headlines, Posobiec has published anti-Semitism, interviewed a Hitler lover, amplified Polish neo-fascists, and relied on white supremacist support to build his social media platform.

"Posobiec’s ties to far-right extremists travel beyond borders into Europe," the SPLC wrote. "His connections to white supremacy are too numerous to compile into one article, so Hatewatch is running a series of stories on the correspondent’s ties to the movement and promotion of it." 

Anyone who actually clicks on the SPLC hit pieces and reads them can easily determine that the accusations are flimsy at best. Usually based on second- or third-hand connections, the conspiracy theorists at the SPLC have woven together a narrative meant to give ammunition to those who want Posobiec unpersoned and silenced. They have sent the signal to Twitter jackals that it is time to destroy another soul.

However, the attack has not gone according to plan. Posobiec has suffered no professional consequences from the attacks. His livelihood hasn't been destroyed, he is not a pariah in his community, and remains active on social media. Posobiec has defeated the SPLC because he didn't apologize, he didn't grovel, and he never backed down. 


Posobiec’s history as a fervent Zionist made the allegations seem particularly far-fetched. Posobiec has stood with Israel throughout his entire career in political journalism. He even went to Israel for his honeymoon following his marriage in 2017. He has attacked far-left anti-Semites who parade their hate throughout academia, which is something the SPLC is not concerned about. He has supported the Trump administration’s tough measures against Iran as they have vowed to wipe Israel off the map. Prominent Jewish right-wing leaders have appreciated Posobiec’s advocacy and came rushing to his defense against the SPLC’s allegations.

Americans Against Antisemitism founder Dov Hikind noted in a tweet that "not once has he indulged in antisemitism, to the contrary, he’s been instrumental in highlighting the scourge of antisemitism the mainstream media is purposely ignoring!"  Nachman Mostofsky, the Executive Director of Chovei Zion, a center-Right Jewish organization, posted a picture of himself with Posobiec to Twitter, alongside an orthodox rabbi, adding that he does not think the SPLC understands how white supremacy works.

Mostofsky was somewhat tongue-in-cheek with his final assertion, as this is exactly how white supremacy works in this day and age. When there are no Klan cross-burnings going on anywhere, the Left must invent hate hoaxes to further its goals. When there are no actual racists to denigrate, they make a non-racist into one that must be devoured by the mob. They turn innocuous comments into fireable microaggressions. This is all meant to create a world where right-wing Americans are scared into silence — and where leftism is able to tear down our fabric of society to make way for their Utopia.


And what happens when right-wing Americans are cowed and obsequious? Cities are razed, savages commit an orgy of violence, historic monuments are toppled, the rule of law disintegrates, and idiocracy reigns supreme. Journalists like Posobiec, who have a large platform where they can tell the truth, must be eliminated, because they are impediments to the "strived for Utopia" that will soon become permanent if it is not quickly put down for what it is: insurrection. 

Independent journalists like Posobiec are an existential threat to globalism's unfettered reign. The SPLC does not attack mainstream Conservative Inc. journalists like they attack Posobiec, even though some have even larger followings. Some of those Conservative Inc. journalists, trained like Pavlovian dogs, will follow the SPLC's cues, as they did following a hit piece on White House adviser Stephen Miller. Most Conservative Inc. outlets were conspicuously silent while the SPLC was attempting to railroad Posobiec as well, just as they were when other pro-Trump voices were tossed down the memory hole.

Posobiec's defeat of left-wing cancel culture may show that its power is beginning to fade, as ordinary Americans are now regularly forced to deal with its excesses. Because the SPLC had tried to attack Posobiec's livelihood, a defamation suit may be in order. The SPLC were forced to pay $3.3 million to Quilliam International founder Maajid Nawaz in 2018 for libeling him as an "Anti-Muslim Extremist" and retracted their accusation. 


A similar payout and apology are owed to Posobiec, who deserves widespread vindication as much as anyone.

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