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AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Super Tuesday had the makings to ring in the new socialist era for the Democrat Party ahead of schedule. The Bernie Bros had waited for this day for years, until the day their movement would be an undeniable force. The day had arrived when all of the uneducated proles would be forced to open their eyes and admit that the revolution was at hand.


They were so close, but then Ol' Jello-Brain Joe had to muck up their carefully-laid plans. That's right: the career politician's career politician who has his DNA on every reviled policy from a progressive's perspective is back at the top of the heap, weeks after his cringe-inducing bouts of senility had seemingly doomed his candidacy. He beat the tail off Sanders in states that he didn't even bother campaigning in on Super Tuesday. How could this happen?

Going through Biden's history in public service makes his resurrection seem even more improbable. Entitlement cuts? Biden supported that. Segregated busing? Joe cheered it on. Mass incarceration? Biden built that. War in Iraq? Biden built the bipartisan consensus for that. Bankster bailouts? Biden made it virtually impossible for families to go into bankruptcy before he pushed that through. Buddies with Strom Thurmond? The notorious segregationist was Biden's best friend. The best thing Biden has going for him to Democrats is that he was a Vice President under former President Barack Obama - the drone-killing, Libya-leveling, journalist-targeting idol of liberal hope and human get-out-of-white-guilt-free card.

Simply put, Biden's campaign went from joke to unstoppable overnight because the Democrat establishment called in the order. Just minutes after claiming she was in it to win it, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) swiftly fell on the sword for Joe. Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who had been the Sanders stopper in Iowa and New Hampshire, also quickly fell in line behind Biden. After this momentum that gave Biden a massive Super Tuesday victory, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg followed suit in dropping out, and eventually, so too did Elizabeth Warren. They will save the biggest guns of all - former Obama and his wife Michelle - for the final death blow to be wielded against Sanders at an opportune time. Sanders is a dead man walking politically, even if his top supporters are unwilling to admit it.


That's all she wrote, Bernie bros. Hope the hours upon hours of internet raving was worth it. Their half-decade of agitation on behalf of the cause of economic illiteracy will end with a whimper, unless they go buck wild on Milwaukee, as some of Sanders' ANTIFA-style supporters have threatened to do. But after Sanders collects another beach house in exchange for capitulating without a whimper, he will likely throw cold water on his supporters, content to allow screeching millennials, such as the "Squad" ladies, take the reins in his stead. Despite failing, Sanders will certainly leave a lasting stain of populism on the Democrat Party because Sanders' surrogates see through the act, and many of them will not be content to hold their nose for Biden just because orange man bad.

The Democrats often complain that Republicans are controlled by a cabal of corporate overlords, but the GOP establishment couldn't dictate the presidential nominee in 2016, no matter how hard they tried. Republicans were too wise to the con, too well-informed, too battle ready to fall for the tricks of their party's corrupt and inept bosses. They certainly had much better qualified candidates than the likes of Biden, whose campaign could be considered a cruel form of elder abuse. At least the likes of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio could read their canned talking points from the focus-grouped script approved by the special interests. Trump defeated the best the Republican establishment had to offer (and a couple of bewildered tea party guys).


In the end, the Democrats were just too cowed and frightened to support the radical option. They retreated back to what feels safe and comfortable because they did not have the stomach to truly subject their party to upheaval. It may be a costly decision too. Many observers on the Right believe that Sanders would be a weak candidate against Trump, but that's not necessarily the case. Sanders speaks to issues that affect Americans that few politicians are willing to touch. Voters see eye-to-eye with Sanders on health care, which is arguably the top issue heading into the election. He polls the best of the Democratic field against Trump in rust belt states. Sanders has cultivated a powerful base of activist Hispanics that would make him formidable in battleground states. Regardless of what one may think of his proto-Marxist beliefs, Sanders is as sharp as a tack and could avoid the traps Trump set for him in a head-to-head match-up.

Biden though clearly lacks the mental acuity to spar with the president. He will make himself look bad, have no clue when he is doing so, and continue digging the hole deeper and deeper for himself. Like Trump said in a recent Tweet, Biden "doesn't know where he is, or what he's doing" and doesn't "even knows what office he's running for." The suburban moderate liberals who are flocking to Biden because they are desperate to return to the glory days of 2014 are the most pitiful and out-of-touch of any voting bloc. Held in equal contempt now by the rising socialist Left and the Trumpian populist Right, their cowardice may have lasting and unforeseen implications. They may be signing their own Party's death warrant by ensuring four more years of Trump in the White House and in turn paving the way for a reckoning from the extremists in their midst. They may find themselves in a Bernie Gulag when this is all over, only to support a simpleton who will be lucky to be able to tie his own shoes by the time November comes around.


What does this mean for Republicans? In the short term, the chances for victory in November have never looked better. But if Trump does not implement a highly-restrictive immigration policy in his second term, the Bernie bros will eventually have the last laugh due to shifting demographics.

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