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Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

We are at war for the security of our nation. It’s in no small part due to Joe Biden’s terrible policies, which have unleashed a crisis at the southern border. It’s also due to the silence of Biden’s favorite senator, Raphael Warnock, who has enabled this president’s agenda every step of the way.


To secure the border, we must fire Warnock. But whoever replaces him must also take bold action from the start, and today I’m laying down a marker:

There is no piece of legislation before the U.S. Senate that deserves a “yes” vote before we vote “yes” to securing the border, and that includes finishing the wall. We must put a stop to Biden’s open borders insanity, and I will proudly stand up as the enforcer.

Here’s why.

More than 178,000 illegal immigrants were caught trying to cross the southern border last month — the worst December on record. Over the last three months, more illegal immigrants have crossed than the entire 2020 fiscal year.

Overall, nearly 2 million attempted border crossings have been reported since Biden took office. Of those, hundreds of thousands were released into our country, the idea being that these illegal immigrants would check in with ICE once they’ve reached their destination. At least 47,000 haven’t done so and are considered missing.  

Sorry, Mr. President, but the security of our nation depends on more than Scout’s Honor. And those reported figures don’t begin to cover how Biden’s invasion and Warnock’s complacency have compromised our security.


Fentanyl seizures at the border rose by more than 1000 percent last year, with 461 pounds being seized last month alone. Think about how much more got through, and the tragic impact it’s having on families across America. Overdose deaths hit a new record last year and are now the leading cause of death for 18-45 year olds.

The tragedy continues. The porous border has also further enabled cartels to traffic people. Data shows that a record number of minor children crossed the southern border last year, including nearly 12,000 last month alone. Many were unaccompanied, making them vulnerable to being picked up by cartels. Many more were traveling with human smugglers. At least one estimate shows that some 60 percent of the children who cross the border alone or with these smugglers are ultimately taken by cartels.

I went to the border in October of last year, which is better than I can say for Biden or Warnock.

What I saw was utter chaos: pieces of the wall that Biden stopped sitting unused, group after group of illegal immigrants coming for our border, and border agents powerless to stop them.

For these reasons, my top priority is securing the border — and I’ll make it the top priority of the U.S. Senate.


The first thing I’ll do is introduce a plan that finishes President Trump's wall, empowers border agents and ICE to do their jobs, and severely increases penalties for cartels trafficking drugs and children.

I will not support any plan to give amnesty or citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants. Our border must be secure, and lawbreaking must not be rewarded. Anything less is failure to secure our nation.

There is not one “yes” vote that is more important than one that secures our nation. This will be my first priority as your next U.S. Senator.

Joe Biden and Raphael Warnock have failed to keep Americans safe and our borders secure. Putting an end to their failure starts in Georgia this November. Let’s fire Warnock and elect a senator who will stand in the gap to keep America safe. I’m ready to do just that.

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