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Fridays Are Just Not the Same in Obama’s America

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We know that jobs are the key to a true recovery, and they’re about as plentiful as acts of leadership by Obama, however another key is the amount of money a family has left over to spend after payroll taxes and the purchase of necessities. Commonly referred to as disposable income.

Thank goodness for AP (American Pravda) and their stellar reporting. Included in a story about how health insurance for a family plan only increased by 4% to $15,745 we learned from our government inflation is only 2.3%. Of course they don’t include gas or food because those items are just too darned volatile.

How many people are going to run out and buy a home, or any other big ticket item after they have deducted FICA, federal, state, and Medicare taxes, they do a quick swing through the gas station and pump $60 into their tank, shoot across the street to get their weekly groceries leaving with ten bags at $400?

After unloading the groceries they sit down to pay the bills. Oh good news honey our health insurance premium only went up 4%, and our electric bill is up too. Good thing our wages only fell another $4,000 to the American average of just above $50,000.

If my math is correct that’s less than a thousand dollars a week (gross) to cover all those expenses. How much do we have left to pay the credit cards, mortgage, cable, gas bill, car payment, the orthodontist, then put away some for the kids college? What do you mean the cost for college has increased too? What homecoming dress? How much is that again?

Yes ladies and gentlemen the middle class is under attack. Friday’s at the typical middle class family home isn’t as much fun as it used to be. The recession, high unemployment, lost wages, skyrocketing prices, all due to government interference in the private sector preventing a recovery. Obama policies have cast a pall across the nation.

But not to fear Obama says he’s got more work to do and he’s for rebuilding a strong middle class. We need to give him four more years. Guess you have to tear something down before you can rebuild it and it’s taking Obama more time to tear down the middle class than he thought.

Supported by a corrupt liberal media that doesn’t even attempt to cover up their bias for Obama the middle class family sits down to the TV to learn things are getting better. Pay no attention to the record unemployment, there were 96,000 jobs created in August. That’s good right?

Pay no attention to the $16 trillion debt, Obama says we can tax the rich to pay for that. They’ve got the money, time for them to pay their fair share.

Pay no attention to the record high average gas prices, Obama is building a green economy that will last and make us independent of foreign oil.

Pay no attention to the federal reserve printing money, they are doing that so the evil banks will have money to loan, and greedy businesses will begin to hire.

Yes folks, Friday nights aren’t what they used to be for the average American family, and it’s totally unnecessary. We have strayed from what made America great, a free people pursuing their own dreams lifting up their fellow Americans along their way to success.

The media can lie and distort just like Obama, but this time the middle class won’t be fooled. They are living Obama’s fundamental transformation. There’s not enough corrupt media to overcome what they are living.

Oh for the good old days when on Friday nights after family dinner we tried to guess who did it on Perry Mason, and then watched a young cowpoke named Rowdy Yates lead the wranglers for Gil Favor on Rawhide.

Well lookie there, Rowdy Yates was played by a young actor named Clint Eastwood.

If America is to have a chance at recovery, to recapture its pride by restoring the American Dream, it will be up to those average American families deciding enough already. We want to leave our children with a better future. We want them after a long week’s work to have fun again on Friday nights. Time to take the country back on November 6, 2012.

I can hear Clint now; Go ahead punk, make my day.

The opinions expressed here are solely those of Fritz Pfister or identified sources, and not necessarily those of RE/MAX Professionals of Springfield or RE/MAX International.

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