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The Worst Excesses Of The Left

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In the past week, as conservative opponents of Donald Trump have come to terms with his victory, nothing has done more to help them give Trump the benefit of the doubt than the complete meltdown by the American left. Having written just last week that those of us who got the election wrong exercise some humility and consider we might have gotten Trump wrong too, leftwing activists have flooded my inbox with hate mail for selling out to fascism.

Therein lies a problem for the left. After the election, Noam Chomsky, the left's conscience, declared the Republican Party "has become the most dangerous organization in world history." He went on to claim the party "is dedicated to racing as rapidly as possible to destruction of organized human life."

Shortly after the election, at the Democratic National Committee, a staffer named Zach began yelling at the interim DNC Chairwoman, Donna Brazile, "You and your friends will die of old age and I'm going to die from climate change. You and your friends let this happen, which is going to cut 40 years off my life expectancy." Jamelle Bouie, a CBS News analyst and writer, wrote a piece entitled "There's No Such Thing as a Good Trump Voter." His subtitle is, "People voted for a racist who promised racist outcomes. They don't deserve your empathy."

On college campuses across America and in the streets of major cities, the left is protesting, rioting, threatening, crying and bullying. The CEO of the company GrubHub sent a letter to his employees denouncing Donald Trump and asking any Trump supporters who agreed with Trump's policies to resign from the company.

At Rutgers University, police took a lecturer named Kevin Allred in for a psychological evaluation. Allred, a self-styled feminist, made statements about killing white people. Allred is a white, gay male from Utah living in New York. Among other things, Allred tweeted, "if i see any Trump bumper stickers on the road today, my brakes will go out and i'll run you off the road." After the police showed up, Allred claimed it was "proof positive that Trump's crackdown on free speech has absolutely begun." Needless to say, Allred is a lecturer at a liberal university in a liberal city run by a quasi-communist mayor in a country presided over by Barack Obama, not Donald Trump.


The supposedly progressive left is convinced that Donald Trump is going to get us all killed due to global warming. Trump is also, supposedly, going to round up Muslims, Jews, and Hispanics. He will strip children of their gender identity, though he supports transgender rights, and he will eradicate gay marriage, though he supports it. In fact, many of Donald Trump's major policy initiatives are spending programs previously championed by liberals. But the American left is convinced doom is at hand and Trump is going to kill us all.

It raises a troubling question. If Noam Chomsky really believes the GOP is the "most dangerous organization in world history" and it is "dedicated to racing as rapidly as possible to destruction of organized human life" how can the left not take up arms? If the left really believes Trump is going to put black people back on plantations, Jews in incinerators and gays in closets, how can they not physically fight back?

That is the danger of the hyperbole and rhetoric. In 2013, gay rights activist Floyd Lee Corkins attempted to storm into the Family Research Council with a gun and chick-fil-a sandwiches. He intended to murder the employees of the socially conservative group and stuff their mouths with the sandwiches. Corkins got the idea after seeing the organization listed as a hate group on the Southern Poverty Law Center's website.


No one serious expects Jamelle Bouie or Noah Chomsky to pick up a gun. But with rhetoric that shrill, let us not be surprised if they inspire the next Floyd Lee Corkins. After all, according to Bouie, all Trump supporters are racists, and according to Chomsky, the GOP is going to kill us all. Why wouldn't the left turn deadly if they really believed that?

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