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Kids or Mosquitoes

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 Aedes aegypti may be the most deadly animal on the planet. It is better known as one of several species of mosquitoes.  Aedes aegypti carries the zika virus, malaria, dengue, yellow fever, and chikungunya, which is a disease that causes permanent joint pain and crippling.


There are over three thousand species of mosquitos, but only a few dozen transmit viruses to humans. aedes aegypti  transmits the most. Eradicating the species would save hundreds of thousands of lives. Scientists have actually discovered a way to drive aedes aegypti to extinction, and it works.

Essentially, scientists modify the genetics of male mosquitos. Those male mosquitos are released into the wild and, when bred with female mosquitos, create a protein that kills off the offspring. Field trials in Brazil, Panama, and elsewhere have reduced aedes aegypti colonies by 90 percent. There has been no evidence of side effects from the genetic tampering into other colonies of insects or the environment at large.

Eliminating this mosquito would not starve birds or other animals because no animal relies exclusively on aedes aegypti for food. Using genetically modified mosquitos would prevent the use of pesticides that would kill other animals as well. But science is only worshipped by the neopagans of the west until it starts to impact the chief sacrament of their secular religion -- abortion.

A growing number of Americans think of themselves as secular or atheist, but atheism really means they have no belief in the God of the Bible. They have other gods. Currently it is fashionable to worship science. Science, of course, causes as many problems for the neopagans as they think it does for Christians.

Science, for example, does not provide support for the claim that people are born gay. Science provides ample evidence that people cannot pick their own gender. Science likewise has shown the advances in stem cell research have come from adult stem cells, not fetal stem cells. Science also shows life begins at conception, children can feel pain by 20 weeks of development, and children can survive outside the womb at around 24 weeks of development.


Neopagans not only reject all of this science, but they attack any scientist who dares stand behind the science. The entire neopagan religion, like many ancient pagan religions, revolves around child sacrifice, which is now euphemistically called abortion. The neopagans have even adopted modified ancient religious festivals. Burning Man in the desert of Nevada with its hedonism, orgies, and rampant psychedelic drug use concluded with burning a giant wooden statue is similar to, for example, the Eleusinian Mysteries of ancient Greece.

What is old is new again with the neopagans. Science is their god and Mother Earth is their goddess. Humans are a parasite and are always destructive. The ideas of Rev. Thomas Robert Malthus, who believed uncontrolled population growth would lead to famine and death, have been modified by malthusian environmentalists to believe populations should be controlled and restrained. Undesirables should be eliminated. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who concedes the intellectual and legal sloppiness behind the Roe v. Wade decision, admitted its purpose "was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don't want to have too many of." Yes, her words were "growth in populations that we don't want to have too many of."

The modern environmentalist movement has no room for the idea that humanity is a net positive to the planet and offsets its pollution with positive production. It is this neopaganism that now would let the zika virus spread instead of eliminating aedes aegypti.


Democrats in the United States Senate will not allow a vote for funding to fight zika unless they can fund Planned Parenthood. The neopagans opposed to genetically modified mosquitoes advocate, instead, increased funding for abortions. The neopagans have willfully created the fraudulent impression that most children born to mothers infected with zika have birth defects. The reality is that many are born without any problems at all.

All of this eventually funnels down to the great perversity of the modern age. Liberals in America, when given the choice between killing mosquitos or children, would rather save the mosquito and kill the kid.

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