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An Open Letter to President Trump

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of

Anonymity seems all the craze nowadays. On social media, as sources for entire news reports, and even now op-eds, such as the latest by an alleged senior Trump Administration official in the New York Times this week in which he claims to be a part of a “resistance” within the President’s own government.


In contrast to all of that, here is an open and honest letter to our President – bylined and everything. I speak only on behalf of myself, and while none of us in this great country agree on everything I believe my sentiments are shared in part by many others as well.

I voted for you in 2016 and was grateful to be able to serve as a chair on your campaign. Like many others, I did not support you in the primary. I did not, and still do not, agree with everything you say or do. When I disagree, I state it. I remain true to my values and beliefs.

I also recognize that you are the President of the United States and were elected by our country’s constitutional processes and as the hope of millions upon millions of American patriots. You ran on renewing our country from its increasing instability, disunity, and decline – whether international or moral – in recent years.

And the first few years of your Presidency have realized those hopes in numerous ways. Our economy is booming, thanks in part to having a businessman as President whose acumen understands the kinds of regulatory reform needed to create innovation, entrepreneurship, and growth.

Our military, court system, national pride and optimism, and federal system are all strong and blossoming. As many have said, the fact remains that none of this would have been possible in its current form if it were not for your election as well as your leadership and actions as our President.


I have been around D.C. politics for quite a long time even in my comparatively short time on this Earth and understand very well why some people in this city have been opposed to you from the beginning and may never see the light.

They simply do not have the full experience of this country to understand why universal, on both right and left, distaste has emerged in recent years for DC and other national institutions, a sharp reversal and disconnect from much of our history where our government was trusted. 

No path is perfect and any Presidential administration in history has had its turbulence and times of extraordinary trial. Political memories are shorter than that of fish, as the difficulties of the Clinton, W., and Obama Administrations in many ways pale in comparison to the relatively smooth policymaking process you are enjoying now. Tax reform, trade renegotiation, military renewal, defeating ISIS, and so much more – these are acts that would define other Presidencies in recent times, but for you they have been but another month’s work.

Every administration embraces discussion and debate and it seems yours has as well. What administrations don’t embrace in the United States are conspiracies aimed at undermining our country’s elected leadership and constitutional processes, as the New York Times Op-Ed seemingly implies some are trying to do.


Your rightful anger at these cowards is absolutely correct. Imagine were this any other Presidential administration – ponder if a high-ranking Obama Administration official leaked to the media that they were actively undermining the President’s goals. Imagine if a Bush Official, in the midst of our nation’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, declared quietly they were sabotaging our elected leadership’s objectives and aims with their personal feelings.

Such subversion is not only unpatriotic, but in many ways is a national security threat and constitutional crisis that tears at the very heart of our institutions and republic.

It is ironic that Bob Woodward, the contact for the original anonymous Presidential leaker Mark Felt decades ago, is coming out with a new book. This whole New York Times incident is as devastating as the Pentagon Papers, as Judith Miller in the Iraq War, and more to the ability of our government to operate and be trusted both at home and abroad.

Mr. President, remember that millions of Americans stand with you. We don’t agree with everything you do or say, and honest disagreement is a cornerstone of the American republic. However in America that is done in public and with uprightness, not in the shadows through deceit, dishonor, and acting as a saboteur.


It is doubtless the author of the New York Times Op-Ed will soon be found, as countless are now analyzing the piece for language clues, rewards have been placed for the writer’s name, and the New York Times newsroom itself is likely leakier than our national security apparatus.

In the meantime, remember Mr. President that many in our country are deeply grateful for what you have done for our nation and in changing American, and in truth human, history. Thank you and God bless this country.

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