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Now that Governor Mitt Romney has revealed the details of his tax returns, it is high time that Senate Leader Harry Reid reveal the details of his relationship with that cow that was linked to him in a world exclusive right here in this very column last month. Doubtless, I shall be nominated for yet another Pulitzer, but as always I shall chastely demur, insisting, as in the past, that I consider this column a public trust. No award or commendation is required. Fulfilling my public duty as a citizen is in itself reward enough.

Last month, I was only very sketchy about Reid's relationship with the cow. No names were included. No trysting places could be exposed. Yet, Reid claimed living, breathing sources had informed him that the Massachusetts governor had failed to file his income taxes. The Senate leader was adamant: no taxes had been paid by the governor over a 10-year period! Well, as with so many other things that the senator says, it was poppycock. So go ahead, senator, tell us all you know about the cow or I shall be compelled to tell all. Even the amusing story about where she got that cute bronze cowbell.

Interestingly, Romney and his wife's tax returns reveal that they donated 29.4 percent of their income to charity in 2011, giving away $4,020,772 out of income of $13,696, 951 -- not bad. President Barack Obama and his wife donated only 21.8 percent of their income, despite all their claims to exemplary public-spiritedness. They donated $172,130 from earnings of $789,674. Still they were veritable philanthropists compared to the miserly Vice President Joe Biden. He and his wife gave 1.5 percent of their 2011 income, their generosity amounting to $5,540 from an income of $379,035. Once again, Joe, you are pathetic.

It is becoming clearer by the day that Barack Obama and Joe Biden are hypocrites of a classic sort. Mitt Romney is not the scoundrel he is being portrayed as by the Democrats but rather an exceedingly decent man and a perfect citizen. Dare I say it, a good neighbor? Moreover, he is a vastly more accomplished man in both the private sector and the public sector than either of these lifelong spongers at the public trough. As for Harry Reid, I am not quite sure how to describe him. Surely he had to know that there was at least a danger that his charges of tax evasion against Romney were open to being exposed as false at any moment. All that had to be done was for Romney to do what he did last week, reveal his taxes.

My guess is that Reid has believed that it did not matter if Romney opened his books and revealed the Senate leader as a liar and a fool. The senator believed that the mainstream media -- the Democratic media, that is -- would simply ignore his failed charge of tax evasion and move on. That is precisely what the media have done.

Yet in recent weeks, the Democratic media are having to ignore an awful lot of evidence that reveals the Obama record as a dangerous failure both domestically and in foreign policy. Domestically, he has resided over the weakest recovery in modern times, and this month's action by the Federal Reserve Board reveals still more. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has now announced that the economy is in need of his further ministrations, ministrations heretofore unthinkable. The recovery is in danger, and the lousy growth numbers and jobs numbers speak volumes.

Now the Obama foreign policy is in tatters. It was one thing to have the Russians and the Chinese giving Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton the back of their hands, but now the Arab world is too. The White House's initial story about the assault on the Benghazi consulate was false. It was not a local rampage but a well-coordinated military attack. Soon we shall recognize that three days before the attack took place, the American government was warned. Obama did nothing. American installations in Libya should have been prepared for the worst on September 11, as should American installations all around the world. Instead, embassies in Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia and Yemen were also attacked.

It is the end of President Obama's Cairo Doctrine. Delivered in Cairo in 2009, President Obama imagined the speech -- the most breathtaking mea culpa delivered by an American president ever -- would represent a new dawn of friendship and cooperation between the United States and the Arab world. It failed. Now, three years later, the Arab world is in ferment (SET ITAL) against (END ITAL) the United States. The only good that can come of this foreign policy disaster is that it came at an opportune time, election time. It is one more reason that Barack Obama should be retired.

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