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Time to Take the Initiative

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We conservatives possess a terrible habit that must be shed if we wish to save this country: We constantly obsess over leftist behavior. We ask questions like: Why do liberals teach students to hate America? Why do they force children to wear masks? Why does Facebook and Twitter censor free speech?


Who cares?

Do liberals obsess over our psyche? No, they don’t. They go about their business taking over every facet of American culture and crushing dissent while we ask: Why are they doing that?

Practically speaking, it’s utterly irrelevant why the left does what it does. The only thing that matters is: What are we going to do about it?

Right now, the left is targeting our children, forcing them to wear masks and receive Covid vaccines. We can spend hours psychoanalyzing why the left is so impervious to scientific evidence, but a much better use of our brain cells would be to explore how we can start our own elementary schools and universities.

Conservatives represent half the population, yet how many prominent right-wing colleges exist in this country? One? Two? It’s pathetic.

Can you imagine how much power we would have over the minds of the next generation if a group of wealthy conservatives opened 5-10 top-quality universities across the country? Can you imagine how much worse this country will be in 20 years if we don’t take this step and allow liberals to continue educating our youth?

If I were a billionaire, I would open a university tomorrow and make two announcements:


1) Every qualified student – vaccinated or not – is welcome on campus.

2) Every professor who has been “canceled” by his institution over the past 5-10 years for expressing forbidden ideas is welcome to teach at my university.

Over night, this university would attract some of the most interesting minds in America (bland professors don’t get canceled) and become an exciting hub of academic freedom and excellence. Countless children from conservative families and others would flock to this new university instead of Ivy League colleges, which corrupt so many idealistic souls.

When we’re not obsessing over leftist behavior, we tend to whine about it. For example, we grumble about censorship on Facebook and Twitter. These platforms are of course evil, but why are we always complaining about them and not starting our own? Many conservative thinkers say that’s impossible, but there’s no reason it should be, and truly one of the greatest missed opportunities in recent memory was Donald Trump’s decision not to join Gab after he was expelled from Twitter. Had he joined it on January 7, Gab would have almost instantaneously become a true competitor to Twitter.


I don’t wish to live in an America that has two of everything – two university systems, two Hollywoods, two sets of social media platforms, two banking systems, two NBAs, etc. But we’re reaching the point where we don’t have a choice. The left won’t let us speak or live freely. So we really only have two options: Whine all day about it or start our own alternative set of institutions and rebuild this country from scratch.

I opt for the latter. But we will never be able to accomplish anything as long as we complain and ask, “Why does the left…?” We need all our smartest conservatives thinking, not about leftists, but about ourselves. How can we create conservative schools, how can we make conservative movies, how can we start airlines that won’t demand proof of vaccination?

Not whining. Acting.

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