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Another school shooting in America, and along with three school staff members, three more children have been cut down before they’ve barely begun to live. It begs the question, why is this happening to our most innocent, and to those who are charged with their care and education?  What drives some people to target our children as a means to lash out at society?


Are guns the answer? Is the ready access to firearms in America the cause of all this tragedy and destruction taking place seemingly far too regularly somewhere in a city in America?  Many politicians, particularly among the Democrat Party would have you believe that strict gun control and the banning of certain weapons would alone solve this problem, ignoring the fact that more often than not existing gun laws were already broken preceding any mass shooting incident.

Or is the answer found somewhere else?

For Democrats, overturning the Second Amendment and outlawing the private possession of guns by Americans is the default position they run to every time gun violence strikes a community. For them it’s the easy answer. It's much easier than to have to really put forth the hard work necessary to come up with genuine solutions to the problem of gun violence in America.

By just blaming guns and demanding bans and other legislation, they don’t have to work very hard.  They can then run back to their constituents and claim to have taken action to stop school shootings and other gun violence. It's a false declaration since the problem of gun violence will continue as long as they continue to promote a sick and depraved society, which is truly the root cause of all the violence and dysfunction in America.


Americans have had ready access to guns throughout our history. In fact, at one point in time a person could order a hunting rifle from the Montgomery Ward catalog and have it delivered right to your house. Marksmanship and Gun Safety were elective classes in many schools across the county. Pickup trucks often had a rifle rack holding at least one rifle, often more than one, in the parking lots of high schools across America. Yet in all those decades we did not experience the kinds of school shootings that happen far too often nowadays. So, what is the cause?

For one thing, Americans have turned their backs on traditional morality, traditional gender roles, and traditional religion. Studies show that regular church attendance has dropped precipitously in the last few decades. Few young people are receiving religious instruction inside of the home anymore, and sadly even fewer are receiving it outside of the home.

And serious mental illness has markedly increased. I believe that is directly related to the previous things I just mentioned that Americans have turned their backs on, traditional morality and religion foremost among them.

There is no ‘right or wrong’ anymore. How’s the old saying from the Woodstock era go, “if it feels good do it.” That philosophy has returned to rear its ugly head.  Drag Queens are now in libraries performing for small children. Gender dysphoria is being promoted instead of treatment and counseling being given to help individuals deal with their confusion.


Rainbow flags and LGBTQ lifestyles are being celebrated with month long parades in cities across America, oftentimes sending confusing messages to the young and impressionable who are being exposed to social issues in schools that should be left to parents to discuss with their children.

And unfortunately in many cases youths are being subjected to what can only be described as ‘grooming’ by pedophiles masquerading as something other than what they truly are, sexual predators who target children and young people.

When a society glorifies violence on our streets, violence against our police, and violence against our children (and I view the sexual mutilation of children as acts of violence), it stands to reason that there may be individuals influenced to act out on their own that which they are exposed to.

Ever seen one of the video games your children play?  Points are scored by how much mayhem you are able to inflict on the enemy, with graphic blood and body parts flying off in all directions. ‘Action’ movies produced by Hollywood regularly include gratuitous violence and explosions that seem to get larger and more destructive with each cinematic release.  

So if politicians truly want to solve the problem of gun violence in America they need to look at changing our society, and returning to the values and morality that helped hold families together, created order on our streets, discipline in our schools, and ‘family’ in our homes. It's a much harder job than just banning guns, which is why politicians won’t confront it, as it cuts into their campaign fundraising time.


The cause of gun violence in our schools is a direct result of what our society has become, and the lack of politicians to have the courage and to do the hard work to fix it. It is not the result of access to guns.

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