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Did President Trump Get Rolled by Nancy Pelosi?

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I think there’s one thing being overlooked concerning all the hype about Tucker Carlson releasing segments of the January 6th Capitol riot videos.  And that is that what happened on January 6th was predicted by many people well in advance, and it should never have happened in the first place.  Had the warnings been heeded there wouldn’t be any videos to watch.


As soon as it was announced by President Trump that he was going to hold a rally in D.C. on January 6th, the day the election was to be certified, it was patently obvious to many of us that this was a huge mistake.  It was predictable that this event would most certainly be hijacked by opponents of Trump to use against him, and very likely that bad things would happen as a result.

Days beforehand I personally warned anyone who would listen that if they intended to go to D.C. to attend the rally that they needed to be on the lookout for provocateurs - people ‘dressed up’ as Trump supporters (ANTIFA in particular) who would turn the rally into a riot in an attempt to bring discredit onto MAGA and onto President Trump.  I suggested that ‘real’ Trump supporters needed to work together to identify, separate, and isolate anyone who appeared to be there for the purpose of disrupting things, or agitating and provoking violence.  Well we saw what happened.  The bottom line is that everything that took place could have, and should have been prevented.

In spite of all of his claims of offering National Guard troops that were declined by Nancy Pelosi and the Mayor of Washington, D.C., President Trump does indeed share responsibility for what took place that day.  He allowed himself to be overtaken by events, and then failed to act with dispatch in calming things down.


He should have foreseen that his call for people to march to the Capitol Building had the real potential of losing control and getting way out of hand, and he should never have encouraged it.  Since his supporters were fired up and angry it may well have happened anyway in spite of anything he said, but at least he would be in a better position to defend himself against charges of ‘fomenting an insurrection’ had he not called for his supporters to “go to the Capitol to peacefully and patriotically” protest.

When you bring half a million angry people together, a whole division of National Guard troops is not going to be able to prevent a riot.  Unless perhaps they are given orders to shoot to kill anyone trying to breach the U.S. Capitol Building.  Was Trump willing to offer up the lives of his supporters in his vain attempt to stop the election certification?  You could multiply Ashley Babbitt by dozens, maybe even hundreds.  I’m old enough to remember what happened at Kent State when you had a bunch of nervous and jumpy National Guard troops, under poor leadership, who were confronted by angry protesters.  It’s history, we need to learn from it.  Any National Guard troops who were posted around the Capitol Building and armed only with riot batons would have easily been overwhelmed by the mass of people, just as the Capitol Police were.


The pot was boiling in D.C. on that date, and many, many hands were involved in stirring that pot.  Especially the Democrat Party leadership.  There’s an argument to be made that supposedly street smart and successful businessman Donald Trump basically got rolled by the dirty fighter and corrupt Nancy Pelosi.

It’s pretty obvious that Nancy was planning well in advance to turn Trump’s rally against him.  She certainly saw the potential for what happened, and she took advantage of it.  And President Donald Trump walked right into her trap.  Definitely not one of his finest moments.

I know I’ll be crucified by all of the die-hard Trump supporters out there, and that’s fine.  My skin is thick.  I can disagree with someone without being disagreeable, but unfortunately among many Trump supporters that quality seems to be lost.  Even mild criticism of the former president will generate vicious and vile personal attacks. The left is just as bad or worse.

Truth be told I voted for Trump twice, not because I was a fan of his personality or some of his antics, but because of the results he promised and achieved.  If by chance he actually won the Republican nomination for president in 2024 I’ll vote for him again.  Not because he’s my top choice, and not because I close my eyes to all of his faults - which are many - but because I’ll do everything I can to prevent the communist overthrow of our country by the Democrat Party.


But I have to be honest and say that my hope is that Republicans will nominate a strong candidate who can win in 2024  - NO RINOs - and one who will help to heal the wounds of division that are tearing this country apart at the seams.  Not one who will continue the daily drama that we’ve experienced before, and who does nothing but stoke the fires of hatred and division.  It’s time to turn down the heat in this country.

We know that the communists in the Democrat Party and their news media allies will viciously attack any Republican no matter who it is, but let’s not make it any easier for them by nominating someone they already universally despise and hate.  It’s time to move our country forward, not backwards again.

Now let the flogging begin.

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