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In less than one week the vast majority of Americans will step into the voting booth and cast their ballot to determine the future of our country. Many believe that this one election may well determine whether America continues to be a Constitutional Republic, or it becomes a socialist nation on the pathway towards full blown Marxism.


As I have said many times starting back in 2015, “No communist regime has ever willingly just given up power”.  Americans may vote their way into communism, but it won’t be as easy to change back once the Marxist take full control of our country.

With so much at stake, I would challenge all, but especially traditional Democrat Americans whether they be Black, Latino, other ethnicity, union and non-union workers, and any letter of the Alphabet they choose, to ask themselves one simple question. Does this Democrat Party offer to me the America that I want to live in?

Do we want our children taught in school as early as Kindergarten and on through college that America is bad, and that the United States is the cause of all the suffering in the world today? Our children are being told that America is racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and every other negative ‘phobia’ and ‘ism’ they can come up with? That’s what this Democrat Party offers.

Or do we want them taught that our founding fathers, who for all their personal faults created a pretty good place to live, in fact the best country on the planet to call home. Which is why so many people want to come here, legally and far too many illegally?

Speaking of which, do we want our borders opened up to any and all comers, whether they are coming to contribute to this great American experience, or just coming to enjoy our generous public assistance, and the fruits of the labor of all the other hard working Americans?

Or do we want those who are coming to commit crimes, and to expand the reach of criminal or terrorist elements from other nations into our own receive an open invitation? Open borders invites the criminal element in. That’s what this Democrat Party offers.


Do we want our children to be able to transition to another gender after being groomed and brainwashed by radicals and pedophiles, without parental involvement or even parental knowledge?  Do we want our children indoctrinated by hard core radicals and LGTBQ activists? All of that is what this Democrat Party offers.

Do we want our daughters changing clothes in a locker room with a male present ogling them from the corner, and using the same restroom facilities as our young ladies use? Or have our daughters competing for college athletic scholarship opportunities against a male who is bigger and stronger than them, and with an unfair advantage in athletic competitions?

Do we want our streets running red with the blood of innocent Americans as crime rages out of control, the direct result of this Democrat Party? As much as they try to deny it, or to try to pass blame off onto others by claiming “Republican states have high crime too,” the real truth is that Democrat run cities in Republican states is where the high crime exists. High crime, family tragedies, and innocent lives lost. That is what this Democrat Party offers.

Because of the so-called focus on “woke-ism” our military has been severely weakened, even emasculated.  We have become vulnerable to our foreign enemies.  Our position internationally has diminished, and it’s all directly attributed to the weakness displayed on the world stage by our Democrat Party leadership.  That is what this Democrat Party offers.


The Biden Administration is the laughing stock of the world. Sneered at by former allies in the Middle East, viewed with disdain by European nations that once looked to America for world leadership, and disrespected by our major strategic adversaries. Our country has never been this weak and vulnerable in our history. That is what this Democrat Party offers.

So please, before you put a checkmark in the box labeled ‘D’, or pull down the lever for any Democrat candidate, think about what it really is that this Democrat Party offers. 

The choice is obvious, even for lifelong Democrats.

The Democrat Party of today is not the Democrat Party of the past. It has lost its way and no longer represents the hard working union members, Black and Latino Americans, or anyone else.  This Democrat Party offers Americans nothing.

So please choose wisely, our nation’s very survival depends upon it.


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