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The circus is in town. The "circus of the macabre." With the exception of the eight years Barack Obama was in office, and to a lesser extent the four years of Jimmy Carter's presidency, there has never been such a collection of clowns and misfits running our government than those currently occupying the senior levels of the Joe Biden Administration. Considering that many of them also held high-level positions during Obama's occupancy of the White House, it's certainly understandable how Joe Biden, the dumbest president ever to hold office, would surround himself with some of the dumbest individuals to ever previously work in government.


What we are witnessing take place in Washington today is more akin to the Ringling Brothers rather than an example of sound governance of, by, and for the people. The motley gathering of oddballs and freaks selected by whoever is pulling Joe Biden's strings could not be much worse. But I think we all know who the "puppeteer" really is.

But is this all by design? Is everything going on a deliberate attempt to demoralize our institutions through "wokeness," embarrass Americans, and completely tear our country down so that it can be "fundamentally transformed" into something unrecognizable to anyone who doesn't revere Karl Marx's "Das Capital" as their political Bible? I think it's probably a combination of both—die-hard true believers who are also stupid enough to actually accept the garbage that they spew out daily. 

More appropriately, it's more like the "Circus of the Macabre," the horror show that we are seeing unfold in every branch of our government since the Democrats took control can only be described as reminiscent of an episode of the classic television program, "The Twilight Zone," or perhaps "The Outer Limits." I keep expecting to see Rod Serling step up to the podium in the White House press room to give the daily briefing, with Vincent Price and Boris Karloff standing nearby behind him.


Actually, Rod Serling would be far more believable and competent than the current press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre. She is really more suited to a job as an old Vaudeville performer since watching her "tap dance" around when trying to answer questions is certainly entertaining.

Internationally our nation was on a very sound footing when President Trump left office. During just four years – and all the while fighting political attacks and obstruction from the Democrats – President Trump had improved our position internationally, including our relationship with key Middle Eastern allies like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Trump's leadership helped to achieve the historic Abraham Accords, ending what was, in effect, a decades-long state of war between Arab states and Israel, leading to the opening of diplomatic relations with the Jewish State. Had President Trump remained in office, I'm confident that the Saudis and others would also have also signed onto the Abraham Accords in short order. After all, why shouldn't the Saudis? There has long been backchannel, behind-the-scenes cooperation between the House of Saud and Israel for quite a while anyway.

Certainly, President Trump could be abrasive, and many of our friendly nations didn't particularly care for his personality, but they respected him. As our enemies did. They knew President Trump did not bluff or play political games. He wasn't someone they could take lightly, unlike Barack Obama or Joe Biden, who are dismissed as lightweights, amateurs, and buffoons. 


All of President Trump's foreign policy accomplishments have been squandered in under two years by Joe Biden, the person whom well-respected former Secretary of Defense and CIA Director Robert Gates had once said: "was wrong on nearly every foreign policy and national security issue for forty years." Comforting isn't it to know that Joe Biden, the dumbest individual to ever occupy the White House, along with his "Obamunist" minions, are running this clown/horror show….

Clearly, what's going on in Washington, unlike the clowns of the circus, isn't the least bit funny at all. It's horrifying to witness what has been done to our country in just two years. And sadly, this Democrat horror show won't be over until 2024, when hopefully Americans will come to their senses and come out in droves to once and for all rid our country of the progressive Democrats who are hell-bent on completing Barack Obama's plans for a Marxist takeover of America.

Circus clown shows are always entertaining and fun to watch when the circus comes to town. We laugh at their antics and buffoonery. But there's nothing funny about the horror show taking place right now in our nation's capital. The "Circus of the Macabre" that is the Biden Administration threatens our very survival as a nation. And that is not a laughing matter.


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