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Screenshot via the RNC

Over the past couple of weeks we have witnessed a Republican Convention reminiscent of a Cecil B. DeMille epic full of fanfare and fireworks, and a Democrat Convention full of doom and gloom reminiscent of an infomercial on the Home Shopping Network, the only thing missing was a set of knives for the first ten callers.

One convention with powerful images and a star-studded cast of real Americans, the other convention appearing to have been filmed in Wayne and Garth’s basement from Wayne’s World with a cast of washed up Hollywood hypocrites, and a Republican former governor and has-been who never was.

Taking place over the backdrop of American cities on fire -- a fact not mentioned once by the Democrats during their four days of meeting in Joe Biden’s basement -- the Republicans put on a display of what America is really like for all to see.

A people who are desperate for law and order to return to America, and certainly not describing the rioting and destruction being egged on and orchestrated by Barack Obama from his Martha’s Vineyard mansion under the false narrative of “peaceful protests.”

Americans from all walks of life came together during the Republican Convention to discuss the greatness of this country and of the president, who has made their lives just a little bit better by Trump's acts of kindness and the policies of his administration which benefit all Americans.

What this election comes down to is a contest between Americans who love and revere our country, who recognize that we are not without our faults and still have a way to go to reach that perfect union that we all aspire to. And the Socialist-Democrats who despise everything about America, and who want to tear it all down and replace it with a socialist-communist utopia. The choice could not be more clear, nor could the differences between the two parties. 

Since he came down the escalator in New York City President Donald Trump has worked tirelessly to serve the nation and the people that he loves. He hasn’t always been perfect, and at times he has said or done things that irritate the hell out of everyone, Democrats and Republicans alike.

But one thing is certain. While the socialist Democrats only care about raw power and the American people be damned, President Trump genuinely cares about all Americans, regardless of who they are. That came across loud and clear during the four nights of the 2020 Republican Convention, something that was missing from the other side’s four-night ‘non-stravaganza’.

The discussion has now centered on whether or not there will actually be the traditional presidential debates between candidates that American voters have come to expect, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi even poo-pooing the idea during her recent comments.

I detect perhaps a sense of desperation emerging in the ranks of the socialist Democrats. They know that Joe Biden isn’t mentally competent nor capable of running the country.

I think they also suspect that Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris simply isn’t a likable person, nor does she instill any sense of confidence in Americans. Adding her to the socialist Democrat ticket didn’t generate the excitement that they were counting on. Her selection was generally received with a big yawn by most outside of the partisan media.

In the last two weeks, Americans were treated with the glitz, glamour, and excitement of the Republican Convention and the re-nomination of President Donald J. Trump. We were all treated to an uplifting and positive message on all four nights. 

By contrast, the socialist Democrat’s convention fell flat -- just like the Biden-Harris ticket will on November 3rd.

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