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The Florida school shooting, Las Vegas, Aurora, and the others that have occurred in recent years have fired up the gun control debate in America to white-hot.  Pitting gun owners and the NRA once more against Democrats, liberals, and the Hollywood loons whose ultimate goal is a disarmed America.

And for all their denials and lies make no mistake about it, the anti-gun coalition’s aim is to rid the country of guns come hell or high water.  Through new laws and regulations, outright bans, and ultimately the confiscation of every privately owned firearm in America.

For Democrats the knee-jerk reaction to any tragedy is to immediately look for a way to further restrict the rights of Americans.  Gun violence is an easy target – no pun intended - since it tugs at Americans’ emotions when they see news coverage of people running for cover from a building after an incident.

Nowadays young people are eating laundry detergent pods apparently in some kind of twisted challenge or contest.  The Democrats’ answer is to suggest forcing the manufacturer to spend millions of dollars to make their product less visually appealing so youths won’t be tempted to eat them.  Instead of smacking the kids upside the head and saying “Hey dummy, you’re eating laundry detergent for crying out loud!  Straighten up"!

For Democrats and liberals it is far easier to put the blame on an inanimate object like a gun or a box of soap capsules, than to admit that the root cause of gun violence and stupidity in America is the immoral society that they have worked hard to create for at least the last six decades.

There once was a time when no one took offense to a Nativity Scene on the courthouse lawn, or in front of city hall.  And the Ten Commandments hung prominently inside most classrooms in American schools.  And whether it was true or not children were taught that George Washington never told a lie.  Something admirable for them to aspire to, even if it was only folklore. Those days are long gone, replaced with an extreme progressive and revisionist curriculum.

Instead of teaching children about the history of America, the good as well as the bad, and of the importance of honesty and integrity, for decades now children have been taught that our founding fathers were nothing but lousy slave owners.

And those who fought courageously in battle after battle for the Confederacy during the War of the Rebellion are now maligned as fighting solely for the institution of slavery, when the fact of the matter is that few truly fought to maintain that blight on America’s past.  Most fought because their loyalties were with their particular state, and their state was attacked.

There are many progressives now who wish to rewrite America’s history by removing statues of those same Confederate soldiers, apparently believing in some way that by removing the marble and bronze edifices they will somehow remove the Civil War and slavery from the nation’s history and memory.

For decades now our school children have been subjected to sexual indoctrination by liberal Democrats who cater to the LBGTQ community.  (It seems a new letter is added almost monthly).

School children are now taught that what was once considered immoral is now acceptable, and traditional family values are “hate”.

When they should be reading books like “Green Eggs and Ham” they are having forced upon them books like “Heather Has Two Mommies”.

Is it a wonder that as they grow children are becoming more and more emotionally withdrawn and starting to exist only in a culture of video games, smart phones, and countless Hollywood explosion and gun violence extravaganzas?

Why are we surprised that some choose to act out the fantasy world they’ve been subjected to by modern culture.  Not to mention having absent parents, progressive schools, and the liberal Democrats ?

Yes gun violence exists in America, but it’s not because of some inanimate object jumping up and killing innocent people.  It exists because of people who are willing to gun down their fellow man without feeling any remorse, or even acknowledging responsibility for the carnage they inflict.

They’ve been ‘numbed’ inside.  Heartless, cold, and calculating killers.  The product of our progressive liberal education system, and the Democrat politicians who have created it.

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