The Belongers

Posted: Aug 20, 2017 12:01 AM
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The Belongers

Who are the ‘Belongers’ ?  The short answer is that they are a collection of morons, misfits, and losers.  People who have an insatiable desire in life to join or belong to any group or cause, usually the newest and most current fad that will gain them acceptance from others.  And always populated by other ‘Belongers’.

‘Belongers’ can be found in any group, or for that matter supporting any cause.  From left wingers, anarchists, Black Lies Matter, and environmental activists, to neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, and other white supremacist groups.  It’s not the cause or the group that really matters, it’s that the group or cause offers them a sense of belonging.  It reaffirms to them their value and worth as a human being.

The vast majority of Belongers haven’t a clue what it is they are belonging to, at least what the underlying issues are for the particular group they’ve glommed onto.  Technically they’re really not capable of understanding since they’re a product of the corrupt American education system and college indoctrination centers.  But the truth doesn’t really matter to them anyway.  The ‘truth’ for them is whatever they want it to be.

On graduation day they get patted on top of the head by their elitist socialist college professors and sent out into the world in search of the first cause they can belong to.  Since most are no more mature or educated than they were the first day of their Freshman year in college, it’s a rite of passage for all good little ‘Belongers’ to go out into the world at the first opportunity and try belong to something.

Back during high school my buddies and I were ‘Belongers’ too, and probably for much the same reason a lot of young men are joining these groups nowadays.  To scope out and meet babes! 

I remember in high school there was local flooding and a call went out on the news for volunteers to stack sandbags.  My buddies and I quickly volunteered and went to the location where the need was.  And yep, we were right.  There were plenty of good looking young ladies there volunteering to help stack sandbags to hold back the rising waters.  And while their intentions were noble, ours were less than noble.  We were there to meet girls!

Yes, we actually did work a little bit and stack some sandbags, but primarily we met a lot of young ladies and laid the groundwork for hopefully future conquests.  I suspect there’s a lot of guy who are ‘Belongers’ nowadays who have the same thought in mind, and aren’t guided by anything noble.  They just want to meet girls and tear things up.

Certainly some of these groups that attract ‘Belongers’ have hard core members who are true believers.  And those true believers actively recruit new ‘Belongers’ to join their club.  The more members your club has the more noise you can make about whatever your cause happens to be.

Take this new phenomenon ‘Antifa,’ for example.  Reportedly they oppose fascists and oppressors of any kind, though I doubt if you asked any of them to define exactly what a ‘fascist’ is they could provide you an intelligent answer.  Other than the typical “Um, uh, um” (for at least a full two minutes), then you’ll hear “Well, they’re bad people!  And if you don’t believe exactly as we do then you’re a fascist too!”.  Screeched back to you at the top of their lungs since volume matters.

While ‘Belongers’ are little more than lost souls, the hard core Antifa leaders and members know exactly what they are after.  Mayhem, nothing more. They thrive on violence and destruction. And if a few of the ‘Belongers’ or any innocent bystanders get hurt in the process, who cares.  It’s the cost of doing business when you’re busy fomenting an insurrection.

And let there be no doubt about it, that is exactly what is going on here in America in 2017.  An insurrection.  It began as an insurgency in Ferguson in 2014, aided and abetted by the administration of Barack Obama and his attorney general, Eric Holder.  It has grown into a full blown rebellion following the election of Donald Trump as president.  And while for the most part they haven’t resorted to using actual firearms yet to do battle with, that is likely not far down the road.

And sadly some of the idealistic young lost souls, and the left over hippies from the Vietnam era who miss those heady days of Woodstock and taking over college administration offices, will be the ones who likely pay the price for the actions of the hard core Antifa terrorists, when the authorities have had enough and bring an end to the violence.

And this time there will be no Barack Obama around to pardon them for breaking the law.  So the ‘Belongers’ will certainly get their wish, and likely find themselves belonging to the population of a prison cell block.

At least one can hope since that’s where they belong anyway.