Time to Clean House

Posted: Mar 12, 2017 12:01 AM
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Beginning its second month in office the Trump Administration is faced with enormous challenges both internationally and domestically. And one could certainly make the case for internally as well. Aside from the mutant in charge of North Korea's nuclear arsenal rattling his saber yet again, and the ridiculous Iranian dinghies playing tag with U.S. warships in the Arabian Gulf, President Trump appears to be facing near sedition at home from some within his own government.

It's become pretty obvious that Barack Obama has left in place within the government what in the intelligence business we referred to as a "stay behind". Or otherwise known as 'Saboteurs' with the goal of disrupting President Trump's efforts at undoing the damage done by Barack Obama during his eight years in office, and preventing the new administration from implementing its own agenda.

The former occupant of the White House Barack Obama clearly was putting on an act when he promised during the transition to fully cooperate to insure a smooth transfer of power for the new president-elect.

When one thinks about it, it’s not much different from the act he put on for American voters back in 2008, portraying himself as a "moderate liberal". And concealing from voters his extreme leftist-socialist ideology, doing so purposefully knowing that if Americans were aware of his true motivations and intentions he never would have been elected President of the United States.

With his closest advisor Valerie Jarrett recently taking up residence in the new Obama household it’s apparent that the "Obamunists" intend to continue subverting our Constitution, and doing all they can to disrupt and prevent President Trump from accomplishing his goal of dismantling and repairing the mess left behind by Barack Obama.

Indeed, President Trump would do well to invoke his presidential prerogative and conduct a thorough house cleaning. Removing the holdovers who maintain their loyalties to the previous administration, and who obviously still take their marching orders from Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama.

Far too many Obama political appointees are still filling senior positions within the various government agencies, ostensibly to maintain the continuity of government. But the reality is that many of them are doing everything they can to create roadblocks for the new president.

And considering the slow pace being set by Democrats in confirming the people President Trump needs in place to help him with his agenda, it’s likely to take a while longer until Trump has rid his administration of the Obama infection that is preventing the president from moving ahead at full speed to undo the Obama damage.

Perhaps it’s time for Republicans to simply say “enough is enough”, and make the necessary rules changes so that they can just move forward on the president’s agenda with only fifty-one votes. I can guarantee that were ole Dirty Harry Reid still the majority leader in the United States Senate that is exactly what he would do. While Reid’s former Democrat colleagues might protest this truth, the fact is that Reid and the Democrats never let rules get in their way in the past.

It’s become patently obvious that the current minority leader Chuck Schumer is doing everything he can to maintain Obama appointees in place by continuing to drag his feet on President Trump’s nominees. The only choice left for Republicans is to stop the game-playing by Schumer and Democrats and invoke the mandate they were given by voters last November.

Attorney General Sessions requesting the resignations of all U.S. Attorney’s is a good start, though only a beginning for what needs to be done to cleanse the Department of Justice of the Holder-Lynch-Obama loyalists. The Justice Department had become “weaponized” under Barack Obama, and it’s well past time to return it to it’s true purpose, which is to insure justice for all Americans, not just those who supported Barack Obama and his socialist agenda.

In fact, I’d suggest that the new attorney general not stop there, but to initiate a full investigation into the DOJ’s activities under former Attorneys General Holder and Lynch. Included in any investigation should be what transpired on the airport tarmac in Phoenix between AG Lynch and former President Bill Clinton just prior to the Justice Department deciding not to pursue criminal charges against the Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

It’s also long past time for President Trump to take his efforts beyond Twitter, and provide plain talk to the American people about what’s going on in Washington. Some Americans may not agree with the president’s agenda or policies, but I think all Americans can agree that we’ve had enough of the game-playing by the career politicians who have long ago lost touch with most Americans.

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