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Now that the dust has settled and the long drawn out election campaign of 2016 is a thing of the past, the explanation for why former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost to Republican businessman Donald J. Trump is really pretty simple.  Hillary Clinton was nothing more than an illusion.  No substance, and nothing really to offer to voters other than her own personal ambition.


The only reality about Hillary Clinton is that she continues to be the most corrupt, dishonest, and despicable politician in American history to ever run for the office of President of the United States.  And fortunately, for the sake of the American people she failed in her obsessive effort to achieve her life long quest to be the first woman elected to the highest office in the land.

But shed no tears for Hillary Clinton, she chose the path that has led to her defeat at the hands of Donald Trump.  While both have exhibited some flaws as candidates, Hillary’s flaws go far deeper than any political miscues or gaffes committed by her opponent.  Hillary’s flaws go to depth of her character, or lack thereof.

Throughout her career in public life Hillary Clinton has exhibited the kinds of character defects that long ago should have disqualified her from ever reaching the levels that she actually attained.  And certainly would have disqualified anyone else who had displayed the level of deceit and corruption that Hillary exhibited throughout her life.

When her husband committed sexual assaults against innocent women, Hillary chose to try to protect her husband’s and her own political futures instead of protecting the innocent victims of her husband.  Any “bimbo eruption” that might get in the way had to be dealt with viciously.  Contrary to how she tried to portray herself as some sort of “champion of women”, when it came right down to it her support of women was an illusion.  The reality was far different. 


No, long ago it was obvious to anyone without a jaundiced eye that it was always ‘all about Hillary’ as far as she was concerned.  Protecting women’s rights was simply a campaign slogan for Hillary Clinton.  If she had to destroy innocent women in order to protect or promote herself she was more than willing to do so.

More recently ran afoul of government regulations and federal laws regarding the handling of classified information.  Hillary chose to completely ignore the rules and laws that governed all others who worked with classified government secrets, she viewed herself as above that sort of thing.  Rules and laws were for the mere minions.

Claiming it was for convenience when the reality is that she wanted to be able to keep her own communications secret from the prying eyes of any future investigators who might want to look into her corruption.  So Hillary Clinton knowingly placed our country at risk to protect herself.  The fact is that foreign governments were likely reading her e-mails as fast as she was typing them !

The sycophants who surrounded the former Secretary of State were quite aware of her failings as a public servant, and as a human being.  They too knew that she was an illusion.  Far from the public personage that was trotted out on campaign appearances and photo ops for all to see.  Yet they readily agreed to do her bidding and cover her flaws, when resigning in protest would have been the proper thing to do.  They share in her guilt.


Since it is likely that President-Elect Trump will appoint an Attorney General interested in the pursuit of justice and not in protecting a political agenda, there may well be much for her to now finally answer for.  Both with her e-mail server scandal and her money laundering operation disguised as the Clinton Foundation.  Corruption and questionable activities surround her so there’s clearly some concerns ahead for the former Secretary.  

But Hillary Clinton will now have the time to reflect on her life, and on the decisions she made over the course of her life which lifted her to the pinnacles of political power, as well as now to the depths of political despair.

We the people have spoken loudly how we feel about corrupt career politicians.  And Hillary Clinton’s road ahead may indeed by rocky.  


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