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Over the years American voters have grown accustomed to the phrase “the lesser of two evils” when it comes to casting their vote in an election.  Unfortunately it’s been a particularly common theme in recent years when describing the candidates of the two major parties for President of the United States.


That description has never before seemed more appropriate than during this current election season with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton heading up the Democrat Party, and businessman Donald J. Trump on the Republican side.

Many political analysts held the opinion at the beginning of the campaign season a year ago, that the only way that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was going to win the 2016 presidential election was to be viewed as less offensive than whomever her opponent might be.

She simply isn’t a likable person.  And with what appeared to be a very strong field of good Republican candidates it looked like it was going to be very difficult for Hillary to win in November.  It’s a good bet that most if not all of the original Republican candidates would have had a very good chance of defeating Hillary in a general election in the fall.

Unfortunately the political analysts did not factor in the amount of voter anger that has built up over the past seven plus years.  To be sure most of it directed at Barack Obama and his policies, but also much of it directed at Republicans in Washington who many party loyalists view as having let them down once they took control of the House and the Senate.

The career politicians who have ruled the roost within both parties for decades have become very unpopular among a large percentage of conservative, traditionalist, and independent voters.  And the calls for term limits continues to grow and get louder with each passing election.  Voters are tired of the empty rhetoric and empty promises.


During her speech after winning enough delegates to lay claim to the Democrat Party’s nomination for president, Hillary Clinton told the American people that she “would always have their back”.  A promise apparently not made to those on the ground in Benghazi, or at least one she obviously forgot.

Depending on the completion of the FBI investigation into the former secretary’s e-mail usage and money laundering through the Clinton Foundation , Hillary Clinton could be the first presidential candidate in history to campaign for the fall election wearing an ‘ankle bracelet’ so the police can keep track of her whereabouts.

She also claimed that Donald Trump is “temperamentally unfit” to be president.  This from the woman who agents of the Secret Service consider it to be a punishment to be assigned to her protective detail.  In fact, dating all the way back to her days as the Arkansas First Lady when the Arkansas State Troopers assigned to her protective detail also told tales of her verbal abuse towards those entrusted with providing for her safety.  Something about a ‘pot and a kettle’ comes to mind.

Unfortunately when Republicans should have had a clear pathway to taking over the White House while maintaining majorities in both the House and the Senate, in walks Donald J. Trump to place all of that in serious doubt.  Possibly the one person who can grasp defeat from the jaws of victory and give Hillary Clinton a victory in November.  Along with giving her a majority in Congress and the Senate, and the ability to wreak havoc with the United States Supreme Court.


From day to day one can never tell when Trump is going to do or say something again to alienate a segment of voters.  And after all the outrage over some obnoxious comment he makes he simply doubles down, never showing any humility or admitting a mistake.  It appears to be beyond his ability to recognize that he has any shortcomings at all.

It makes one wonder who besides his family makes up his inner circle.  Does he have anyone advising him on how to act ?  Is he completely surrounded by ‘yes men’, sycophants who will never tell him a hard truth ?  It sure appears to be the case, otherwise how can one explain why he keeps saying stupid things.

Yes, sadly in this coming election the cream definitely never rose to the top.  And it shapes up to be the perfect example of what a choice between the lesser of two evils actually looks like.   

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