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Dick Durbin is at it Again

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Illinois Senator Dick Durbin took to the senate floor recently and showed once again that Democrats (and he personally) have no shame. The Illinois Democrat whipped out the race card to play over the Senate’s refusal to confirm Obama nominee Loretta Lynch as the next attorney general for the United States of America.


Durbin, well known during the Bush Administration for his comparison of our troops serving at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility to the “Soviet Gulag, Pol Pot, and Nazi Germany”, is now comparing the actions of Republican senators to pushing Ms. Lynch to “the back of the bus”.

A clear attempt to bring race into the discussion of Lynch’s nomination to serve as attorney general, over the substance of her qualifications and her stance on important issues she may face as the nation’s top law enforcement officer.

One of the poster children for term limits, you can always count on Dick Durbin to stoop to the lowest possible level when discussing contentious issues, since that is the level of his intellect and where he is most at home.

The consummate partisan politician Dick is often found in the company of Nancy and Harry, two other individuals whose intellect, character and ethics dwell in the lower regions along with Dick’s. All three make Moe, Larry and Curly look like absolute scholars and statesmen by comparison.

Durbin, as Minority Whip has the job of making sure all Democrat senators vote against whatever legislation is put forth by the Republican majority, regardless if it’s a good piece of legislation that is good for the country.

You see, in the nether regions occupied by Dick, Nancy, Harry, and Barack, what’s good for the country isn’t relevant. What’s good for the Democrat Party is all that matters.

Durbin pops up often times to express himself on a variety of issues, always looking for an opportunity to scrape the bottom of the barrel for racially divisive comments, and even outright lies if it fits the partisan narrative he’s trying to promote.


Sadly voters in Illinois keep electing Durbin to the U.S. Senate, so he can be counted on to keep poking his head into issues of importance while offering nothing constructive. Only the same blather and drivel we’ve become accustomed to hearing from any of the Democrat mouthpieces that walk the halls of government pretending to be working for the American people, when in fact they are working for their party first and foremost.

Perhaps one day Dick will spew out one too many falsehoods and voters will finally hold him accountable for his career of lies and his disservice to the political discourse in this nation.

But until then we can expect to see him periodically standing at a podium claiming to be a defender of the downtrodden, when the reality is that Dick is nothing more than a partisan political hack who will quickly be forgotten once he leaves office.

And the State of Illinois and the nation will breathe a sigh of relief that we’ve finally gotten rid of another one.


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