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Corruption and Lies as a Matter of Policy

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Tell the truth and face the consequences or lie and try to survive for another day. That’s the dilemma Hillary Clinton now faces over her missing e-mails. But lying has been something the Clinton’s have been known for from as far back as their college days.


Bill Clinton used lies and deception to evade the draft and military service back during his college days. He simply didn’t want to serve in the military. It wasn’t that he was truly a conscientious objector against the Vietnam War, it was just that he didn’t have time. It didn’t fit into his agenda.

Of course he aspired to loftier goals so he had to maintain some explanation for his reluctance to face the challenges and dangers other American men of his generation faced during the Vietnam War. ‘Whoosing out’ wouldn’t look good on the resume he was creating. His lame explanation was unreported as a character issue by the news media, and the American people were subsequently ‘had’.

Hillary for her part was no ‘Bush-Leaguer’, getting herself fired from the committee looking into the Nixon Watergate scandal for her dishonesty and lying. And she was fired by a Democrat no less ! On the scale of misdeeds, getting oneself fired for lying by the very same political party one belongs to is an accomplishment achieved by a select few.

As both the Clinton’s progressed in their careers leading first to the Arkansas capitol of Little Rock, the stories quickly began to ooze out of the sewer they created in the Governor’s Mansion of a ‘First Couple’ with not only questionable morals, but with both of them building upon the reputation for lies and dishonesty they had already acquired up to that point in their political lives.


Once Bill decided to run for president his sordid sexual past had to be confronted lest it potentially trip up his and Hillary’s ambitions. So Bill and Hillary appeared on the CBS news magazine ‘Sixty Minutes’ and deftly lied their way through questions about Bill’s fidelity in his marriage.

Bill’s sexual escapades in Arkansas should have been a foreboding of what to expect once he made it to the ‘big time’ and took up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately his sexual appetite remained unsated from his Arkansas experiences and Bill was quickly on the prowl from the Oval Office.

Hillary for her part quickly leapt into the political fray championing Hillary-Care, her predecessor to Barack Obama’s failed attempt at universal health care coverage for all Americans. Both of which failed miserably, with Obama’s version still clinging to life though wildly unpopular with Americans.

Unable to defeat Barack Obama on the campaign trail, Hillary accepted the job as secretary of state in his administration, apparently her attempt to add to her resume in preparation for her second attempt at becoming the first woman to win the office of President of the United States.

Unfortunately for Hillary her diplomatic efforts in Libya resulted in the deaths of the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans. A huge blunder on her part that had to be covered up, hence the invention of some theretofore unknown YouTube video clip as the explanation for why our facility in Benghazi was attacked.


And now Hillary’s penchant for hiding her activities from everyone including the American people, the very people she professes to care so much about, has resulted in her in effect tampering with potential evidence - the thirty thousand “personal” e-mails she has deleted from the private server she maintained at her residence.

And Hillary’s response basically has been, “Oops, trust me”.

Hillary and her husband’s record of dishonesty makes it quite impossible to take her at her word on anything. Much less trust her with occupying the highest office in the land.


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